4.5.40 - Recruit release notes - Roll-out Mar 2018

There's been too many Beasts from the Easts recently bringing us down, so we thought we'd brighten prospects by introducing some more cool new stuff. As well as our usual constant security, performance and other general improvements, new feature highlights in this release include:

  • Updates to the API - this includes functionality to allow new vacancies to be added or existing vacancies to be updated via the API and access to other associated configuration

  • New notifications mechanism - we'll be using this to keep users better informed about future new product updates, as we're aware that important emails about updates sometimes don't always get opened or forwarded on to relevant people, etc.


    Super users may also use this mechanism to send notifications to their own users via the system, which some clients may find useful.

  • Forward person function - forward people by email to users from the Person list page and attach their speculative/talent bank CV to the email

  • New PDF generation mechanism - we're hoping this will resolve for once and for all the issues some clients have intermittently experienced where only the first page is generated for a candidate PDF

Read on if you're a details kinda person...


API enhancements
The following new API calls are now available or have been updated:

  • List vacancy workflows - new API call which returns a list of available vacancy workflow statuses in your system and their associated guids (global unique identifiers), so these may be used as a filter in other API calls
  • List vacancy statuses - new API call which returns a list of the available standard system vacancy statuses and their associated IDs, so these may be used as a filter in other API calls
  • List vacancy documents - new API call which returns a list of the available vacancy document fields and their associated guids, so these may be used in other API calls
  • List vacancies - existing API call updated to optionally allow a filter parameter to be added to filter the output to only include vacancies at a particular workflow status or system status
  • Updates a vacancy - new API call which allows an existing vacancy to be updated via the API
  • Adds a vacancy - new API call which allows a new vacancy to be added via the API
  • Retrieves a vacancy document - new API call which allows a vacancy document to be obtained via the API

Forward by email function now available on Person list page
It is now possible to forward people to users from the Person list page and to attach documents associated with that person, provided they are enabled for attaching to emails and the person has uploaded the relevant document, e.g. their talent bank or speculative CV.


New PDF server
The third party tool the system uses to convert documents to PDFs had some known issues. This is the reason some clients may have intermittently experienced issues such as candidate application form PDFs only generating the first page. As it has been not possible to resolve these issues with the current tool, this entire mechanism has now been replaced. We believe this change will resolve a number of these issues and provide a more reliable PDF generation service.

New notifications mechanism
As described in the introduction, this mechanism allows notifications to be sent to users, which we'll be using in the short term to notify all Backoffice users of product updates. More notification types will follow in future releases.

Users with a new unread notification will see a number on a new bell icon in the top-right menu indicating how many unread notifications they have.

Clicking the icon will allow users to view their notifications (see screenshot in introduction) and also allow them to click through to view previously read notifications as well. These are displayed on a new My notifications timeline page, which is also available to access as a new option in the Settings menu.


Super users and partners able to send notifications to their own users or clients
A new Send notification function is available on the User list page (Settings > Manage users). This page is available to Super users (can see their own users only) and Partners only (can see all users for all their clients).

To send a notification, simply filter the list to display the users you want to notify, e.g. to exclude users who are Hiring Managers only. Select all users or select specific ones and then choose Send notification from the bulk action menu.

You may then compose your notification and set a delay if required. If a delay is set, the number on the bell icon will not appear/increment until the delay has expired.


Update to download pivot report CSV
This function was downloading some unnecessary HTML into the resulting CSV/Excel file and now no longer does.

Meeting requests now delete properly when updated
Removing meeting request attachments from email templates was not updating the actual template in the database, so the meeting requests were continuing to be added, even though not present in self-service. They are now properly deleted.

Send SMS messages from the Person timeline page
It is now possible to click on a person's mobile number on the Person timeline page to send them an SMS message. The SMS this person action is also now available on the Timeline page.


Improvements to Quick search/Global search
Use of certain characters or searching for certain search terms was causing the global search to not return expected results or to error. This has been updated to ensure more consistent behaviour and to disregard unsupported or "action" characters.

e.g. The - sign in the following search is indicating a logical "NOT", rather than a hyphen, as there is a space in front of it:

Search: SearchTerm1 -SearchTerm2

If used, the following reserved characters will therefore be automatically be removed from searches, as they have special meanings, although + and - will be allowed, provided there is no space in front of them:

+ - = && || > < ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \ /

Security improvements
Various security enhancements have been made, so again there are no known outstanding security issues.

Updates to secure areas related to email forwarding and person bulk actions
There were some inconsistencies in the way that some secure areas were interacting in these areas. Improvements have been made to ensure that user access is as expected, given the various options in security group settings.

Resolved an issue where a vacancy document could be overwritten
An issue was discovered where it could have been possible to overwrite the vacancy document on one vacancy with that from another vacancy if a user had multiple instances of the Backoffice open and performed a certain series of steps. This will now no longer be possible.

Allow Vacancy Guid as an alternative to Vacancy ID as a way to access Vacancy information pages
It is now possible to access a relevant vacancy details page, based on the Guid (Global unique identifier) for a vacancy as well as using Vacancy ID.

e.g. For a vacancy with the ID 1234 and the Guid 71028d74-0ec0-405f-b68d-60c12dbe5514, both of the following links will now work and take a user to the same page:

Performance enhancements
Further performance enhancements have been made to improve the performance of the Vacancy list page, where candidate counts are displayed.

Candidate Portal

Allow candidates to switch language after set automatically via query string parameter
When the form language was set via a query string parameter, e.g. https://YourWebsiteURL/Search.aspx?lang=de, the system was previously not allowing the user to switch to a different language. This is now no longer the case, so users may select a different language if they wish.

System Builder

The following section is relevant to consultants or partners who have access rights to configure Recruit systems.

Sending notifications to users at all your clients
When logging in as a Super client user, the client selection menu will now default to All clients. Send notifications to users/user types across all clients as described above in the Backoffice updates section - Bulk action > Send notification.

New action type for Person forwarding
If you wish a Person document to be available for use as an attachment when forwarding people to users, the relevant PDF action will need to be enabled as a Person forwarding action, as shown in the example below. This is managed in Backoffice > Structures > Actions.

In addition, the action will need to be set as Full within the relevant user security groups - Backoffice > Structures > Security Groups > Select group children > Action Permissions.


Multi-select list control type has been removed from requisition/vacancy form
This control has been superseded by either check box list controls or auto-suggest multi-select controls. Should this control be selected for any existing clients, it will be converted to a standard check box list control on upgrade.


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