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Time to squish-squash a few more bugs, do some security enhancements and introduce a few new bits and bobs as a result of suggestions from clients before we start on the next round of exciting new features. Still - a few useful things here for you all...


Calendar invite content inadvertently copying to non-calendar invite emails
An issue has been resolved which was resulting in calendar invite-related content being inadvertently added to emails or email templates after initially editing or selecting a calendar invite template.

Update to Unsubmit candidate function
The 'Unsubmit candidate' function was previously maintaining some data entered post-submission. In particular, this was causing issues with third party online tests, where a candidate would end up including references to the originally submitted candidate, who will have had a different unique identifier/key between the two systems. Only content provided pre-submission will now remain when this feature is used.

Use of regular expressions/wildcards in requisition/vacancy form show/hide logic
Regular expressions and wildcards are now supported in requisition and vacancy form field show/hide or branching logic.

SMS send from names/numbers now restricted to 11 characters
SMS messages may not be sent from identities with an "SMS send from" name/number of more than 11 characters. This limit was not previously being enforced and now is. Users may therefore no longer enter more than 11 characters for this field on the User edit form or when adding or editing global or personal identities in the Settings section.

Improved error handling for bulk actions
Where a bulk action fails for any reason, a nice error message will be displayed in an alert pop-up. Previously, some errors may have caused a user to be logged out with no indication that an error had occurred.

Bulk actions now supported on Agency and Agent list pages
Status changes may be now be made to multiple agencies or agents at the same time.

Performance improvements
In systems with large numbers of vacancies and candidates, inclusion of submitted and new candidate count columns in vacancy list views was resulting in unsatisfactory performance. The performance will improve with this release. An improvement has also been made relating to returning lists of interview slots.

Improved error handling when using Remove from slot function
An issue has been addressed where incorrect configuration could cause an error when removing a candidate from a slot, due to some, but not all of the associated actions completing. In this scenario none of the actions should be committed if an error of this nature did occur, allowing the configuration to be corrected.

Enhancement to candidate import to handle some invalid/unexpected characters
An improvement has been made to the candidate import functionality to handle some invalid or unexpected characters, such as vertical tabs. These will no longer cause imports to fail.

Line breaks in SMS
Resolved an issue where line breaks in SMS messages were resulting in incomplete messages being sent.

Various security enhancements
A number of security enhancements have been made as a result of feedback from latest penetration testing.


Inconsistent text colour on some buttons
The text colour on links styled as buttons in guidance or notification boxes on pop-ups was not consistent with other buttons. The button text is now consistently white.

User portal

Interview-related candidate list updates
An issue has been addressed where User portal candidate lists which included interview series fields could error in certain circumstances. In addition, a change has been made to ensure that a candidate's latest interview series will now always be displayed, where that field is used.

Mouse icon when hovering over menu items with a sub-menu
The hover mouse icon for User portal main menu items with sub-menu options is now consistent with those without any sub-menu options.

Candidate portal

Withdrawing unsubmitted applications, plus other navigation options
The withdrawal of unsubmitted applications is now supported. Whilst a candidate has an unsubmitted application selected, they may now withdraw their application if they wish at any time. In addition, the full application menu is now also available to candidates who have not yet submitted:

  • View/Print application form
  • Withdraw application
  • View vacancy details

Application menu now displayed in Internal candidate portal
The above menu was not included in the Internal candidate portal. It now is, so internal candidates may also now perform all the above actions.

Register page may now be configured to be the default when applying to vacancies
For many clients, it is possible that more people will be registering for the first time than who are already registered. It is therefore now possible to set the Register page to be the default option after clicking "Apply" on a vacancy. The other options being the Login page or a combined Login/Register page.

In addition, the "Already registered? Click here to login" link is also now duplicated at the top of the Register page to make it easier for people who are already registered to login when the Register page is set as the default.

Return to dashboard link in confirmation box after selecting interview slot
A "Return to dashboard" link is now also displayed at the bottom of the green confirmation box that appears after a candidate selects an interview or assessment slot. This is expected to make it more obvious what a candidate needs to do next after selecting a slot, even though they don't actually have to do anything and can also just close the window or log out at that point.

System Builder

System type page update
An obsolete setting on the System type page in System Builder has been removed.

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