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Shhhh... These releases were quiet ones, with most clients getting as part of the original deployment and going to all clients to address a few minor issues subsequently discovered in the original 4.5.38 update.

In addition, we've squashed a few other bugs as usual and tweaked some things following feedback from the brave souls who jumped in to try out the new features straight away, so y'all can benefit from their profound wisdom...


Vacancy deletion in systems with no free text vacancy fields
An issue has been resolved with the Delete vacancy function, which was not working in a particular set of circumstances (a system with no free text vacancy fields at all).

Manual use of new emails about interviews type templates
Emails which are assigned the new "Email to person or submitting agent about Interview" type are now available to select when sending emails to candidates manually as well. When using one of these email templates, you will be asked to select which interview series you are sending the email about.

Upload/Detach agency Ts & Cs doc buttons no longer trigger validation
Uploading or detaching documents on the Add/Edit agency page was triggering validation of the whole page, requiring other required fields to be completed before uploading/detaching the Agency Ts & Cs document. This is now no longer the case.

Agency rates now available as a column on the Agency list page
A new column is now available to select in Agency list page views to display a comma-separated list of the different rates added for each agency. This may in turn be used in reports as needed. 

Interviewer selection list on Add/Edit slot page now shows all users
The interviewer field was not correctly displaying/searching all system users. This has been resolved. Note that you need to type at least two characters to trigger the search now. Watermark text has also been added to help guide users to perform a search.

Update to label and guidance text for Interviewer(s) selection field
The label field and guidance text have been updated to indicate that more than one interviewer may now be assigned to a slot.

Email previews in IE11
A previous fix for an issue related to previewing emails in Internet Explorer 11 was accidentally excluded from the last product update. This has been rectified.

Display issue with the slot interviewer column in IE
A display issue has been resolved with the Interviewer(s) column in Internet Explorer, where the word "undefined" was appearing for the interviewer(s) assigned to a slot, rather than displaying the email address links for the assigned interviewer(s).

Security updates
A potential issue with the User mimic functionality that was identified in a recent penetration test has been resolved.

Candidate portal

Full slots no longer visible to candidates
An issue has been addressed, where interview/assessment slots which were already at full capacity were still appearing as available to select in the Candidate portal.

User portal

Interview slot-related fields now available for use in User portal candidate lists
All fields related to interview slots may now be selected as columns in candidate lists in the User portal. Previously, it was only possible to display interview dates/times for interviews scheduled via the Assessment scheduler as candidate columns in the Backoffice.

Interview slot series-specific fields now available for read-only use on form pages
Fields associated with interview series and slots may now be used on any form pages, e.g. pop-up pages.

System Builder - notes for Partners and Consultants

Adding series/slot-related fields to User portal candidate lists
All the interview series and slot-related fields start InterviewSlot.xxxx or InterviewSeries.xxxx and currently appear at the bottom of the list.

When adding the Slot start column, use an appropriate format code to display the date/time as required. We'd recommend using a single column for both date and time, rather than two separate ones. The following format is recommended to support sorting by both date and time at the same time:

dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm

N.B. Capitalisation is important in the above. In particular HH:mm for a time format, as this causes the time to be displayed in 24h format. hh:mm is 12h format, which may cause some confusion with ordering and slot times as, for example, 13:00 and 01:00 both appear as 01:00.

Displaying interview slot or series fields on form pages
This release adds new options to the list of fields available when adding a Front end literal control, which is used for data display-only purposes. For each series added, a series-specific set of fields will now be available to select. These all start with "Candidate.Interviews.".

Fields associated with a particular interview series will appear in the following format:

Candidate.Interviews.Series name.Field name

This means that if you have two series, one called "First interviews" and one called "Second interviews", you would have two fields for interview slot dates - one for each series:

  • Candidate.Interviews.First interviews.InterviewSlot.Date
  • Candidate.Interviews.Second interviews.InterviewSlot.Date

Ensure you select the field for the correct series.

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