4.5.39 - Recruit release notes - Roll-out Feb 2018

We're going to blow those January blues away with a banger and have some stellar enhancements in this release for you. Highlights include the following:

  • New panel feedback functionality - assign users to panels for screening, interviews or offers to get feedback or authorisation from all panel members prior to making a final decision
  • Branching logic on requisition and vacancy forms - only see and complete the fields which are relevant
  • Another suite of accessibility enhancements, including ability to toggle the Backoffice to display in an increased contrast mode
  • Improved mobile compatibility for the Backoffice

As usual, you'll need to discuss taking advantage of some of these new features with your account manager as configuration changes will be required to implement the new features.

Read on for some extra warmth...

Panel feedback

This incorporates a collection of functionality across the Backoffice and User portal along with new features in System Builder to support the configuration. This functionality is designed to be used where users who are not the assigned Hiring Manager are required to provide feedback on candidates, e.g. Panel screening or interview feedback, offer authorisation, etc.

This includes:

  • New pop-up form behaviour - users assigned to a panel each see only their own section for entering feedback, whereas users responsible for reviewing all panel outcomes may see responses of all panel members
  • Notifications displayed to Backoffice users who are not an assigned panel member and therefore may be unable to action a candidate who is at a panel feedback stage
  • Notifications displayed to Backoffice users if a candidate is at a panel feedback stage, but no panel members are assigned on the vacancy, which could result in not being able to progress a candidate
  • Once all panel members have responded, the candidate may progress to the next stage, either to allow an overall outcome to be submitted; or automatically, e.g. based on a calculated overall score from all panel members
  • New sections on the User portal dashboard to display lists of candidates requiring any kind of panel action, including for vacancies not assigned to them (previously User portal users were only able to see candidates in vacancies for which they were the assigned Hiring Manager)
  • New section within the User portal Candidate menu for each panel action, e.g. Panel screening, Panel interview feedback, Offer authorisation
  • Ability for panel members to "unsubmit" their decision and change it, provided all panel members have not already responded and the candidate has been progressed
  • Standard table to display which panel members have responded and which haven't
  • New true/false fields available for use in Backoffice views and workflow logic related to the status of panel member feedback

The following screenshots show an example of what a panel member might see on their dashboard in the User portal and an example of a panel feedback form, where one other panel member has already responded.




Save buttons on pop-up pages may now be assigned to trigger processes
Currently the Save button triggers validation on pop-ups (e.g. Screening/Interview feedback/Offer forms), but the button does not submit the form, which may be confusing for some users. So, we've now got three options for you:

  1. Display the Process button only and don't assign it to the Save button - this is the current behaviour of all Process buttons
  2. Assign one process per page (may only be one) to the Save button and only display the Save button - so users just click "Save" (or whatever wording is assigned to the Save button) to submit a form
  3. Assign one process per page (may only be one) to the save button and display both the Save button and the Process button

Option 3 is a good option for clients transitioning, as many users will be used to the current Process buttons appearing on their pages. This will just mean that both the Save button and the Process button will do the same thing.

Show/Hide or Branching logic now available on Requisition/Vacancy forms
Fields on the requisition or vacancy forms may now be configured to include show/hide logic, so they will either show or hide, based on selections for other fields. This means, for example, that you'll only need to complete contract start/end dates for contract roles, etc.

It also means that fields which previously needed to be configured as optional fields, as they were not required for all vacancy types, may now be configured to be required. This is because they can now be set to only show if they are required.

Finally, this also means that the requisition processes for some clients may be greatly simplified, as separate requisition stages are no longer required for the purpose of showing/hiding different fields, as this can now all be managed within a single stage. This in turn will simplify any associated requisition reports.

Improved responsive design for Backoffice use on mobile devices
Various changes have been made to the Backoffice branding to improve ease of use on mobile devices. This includes mobile-friendly versions of the Search page, Timeline pages, as well as improved responsive design for chart tiles, list page tiles and the left-hand side-bar and pop-up pages.


Addressed an issue with data retention functionality
Deletion of data in line with data retention rules was failing in certain circumstances where candidates had been sent a meeting request. This has been managed manually by the Support team where it has occurred since the problem was picked up in monitoring and is now resolved permanently.


New increased contrast Backoffice mode
A new option is now available within the User menu in the top-right to assist users with certain visual disabilities in using the system. Have a go - click it - you just might prefer the higher contrast colours...

The system will also remember your selection between logins.


Additional accessibility enhancements
A number of updates have been made in this release to further improve compliance with WCAG accessibility guidelines. If you're really interested in the deets, this includes:

  • Adding labels/title attributes to all form elements which didn't previously have labels, e.g. File upload and Checkbox controls
  • Update to language selector menu to remove invalid mark-up
  • Update to header styles to ensure h1- h2 - h3 - h4 ordering on pages, with no missing steps
  • Help text now associated in mark-up with the control the guidance relates to
  • New help text now optionally available for Mobile number field
  • Checkbox and radio button lists now wrapped in a fieldset, with an appropriate label for screen readers
  • Some empty links handled, so as to not confuse screen readers
  • Addition of alternative text to User portal images - used for screen readers
  • Change to some field labels in the backoffice to improve screen reader use
  • Page title values when editing vacancies or requisitions are now unique dependent on the vacancy/requisition being edited
  • Vacancy titles may now also be appended to the User portal vacancy details page - this may be used in conjunction with or instead of the current standard fixed page title, as per other vacancy details pages
  • Alternative text added for secondary logos, where these are used

User portal

Google Analytics
We already have this in the Backoffice, so we're just adding Google Analytics to the User portal as well as we want to spy more on you. This is simply to help us look at how User portal users are using the system to feed into our intelligence gathering for future product enhancements.

Language selection field layout improvement
An improvement to the alignment of language field selection options on requisition and vacancy forms in the User portal.

Vacancy sharing page now operational in the User portal
The Vacancy sharing page is now available in the User portal and will appear after adding or editing vacancies for users doing so whilst logged in there. Previously, this would cause an issue on save, as this page was not supported.

Mismatch between user name and user initials/avatar after mimicking user
The Kallidus branded user portal now displays the correct user name below the avatar/user initials graphic, after mimicking a user in the User portal.

Candidate portal

Responsive design improvements
One of the standard Candidate portal themes (Basic template) did not include relevant html to ensure that images in the main content area would be responsive. These will now scale appropriately when used on devices with smaller screens.

Set site language via a query string parameter
In multi-lingual systems it is now possible to automatically select the site language, based on a query string parameter. e.g. would set the language of the Candidate portal to be French (assuming you have a French translation implemented).

System Builder (Information for Partners and Consultants)

New pre-flight check to prevent multiple processes being assigned to the Save button
This relates to the new functionality where processes may be assigned to the Save button on pop-up pages. The check prevents System Builder users from being able to deploy invalid configuration. Where more than one Process button on the same page is allocated to the Save button, the system will not publish and a warning will be displayed, as per other pre-flight check messages.

New "Display mode" configuration option for Process buttons
There is now a new "Display mode" field to select on the Process button control with the following options:

  • Display button only
  • Assign to Save button
  • Display button and assign to Save button

These options control whether or not the button itself is displayed and whether the process selected will also be run when the "Save" button on the page is clicked.

Only one Process button per page may be assigned either of the latter two options.

All existing Process buttons will default to the first option.

For more detail, see "Save buttons on pop-up pages may now be assigned to trigger processes" above.

Append vacancy title to User portal vacancy details page
The User portal vacancy details page has been brought into line with other Vacancy details pages. The following options are available:

  • Fixed page title (existing functionality) - Enter the fixed page title text in the box as before (does not meet WCAG accessibility guidelines)
  • Fixed page title + Vacancy title - Tick the box to append the vacancy title, but note that this is appended with no spaces, so you will want to include, for example, a dash and some spaces in the fixed part to result in "Vacancy details - Vacancy title" (the bit in bold, including the dash and two spaces being the fixed text in this example)
  • Vacancy title only - Tick the box to "Append vacancy title to page title" only - the vacancy title as entered in the system vacancy title field only will be displayed

Configuration of show/hide or branching logic on requisition/vacancy forms
This is configured in System Builder by adding the "Visibility" control as a "child" of the field you want to show/hide. These rules work the same as Placeholders on Candidate forms, with the only difference being that you may only select a classifier field. You will therefore need to configure the following:

  • Classifier - Select which classifier the show/hide rule is dependent on
  • Value - Enter the value (with or without wildcards) or a regular expression for your matching rule
  • Search method - Select Exact match, Wildcards or Regular expression depending on the value you have entered
  • Action - Select whether the rule will trigger the field to show or hide

As all control types may now have the new Visibility option configured and in line with other areas in System Builder, this now means that all controls apart from the System fields on the requisition form configuration page are now green, rather than blue.

The "Generate" buttons on Requisitions > Step 3 - Stage definition now also respect any show/hide logic you add. This means that any fields with visibility rules configured will be automatically added inside corresponding Placeholders when the Editable or Non-editable requisition views are generated for any or all stages.

The below example shows the configuration for the Contract start date field with visibility configured to show for any value for the Contract type field starting with "Temporary" (the * is a wild card).


Fix to requisition view generation for auto-suggest controls
Requisition view generation for auto-suggest fields was previously not selecting the actual field in the configuration, requiring users to select the field manually. This is now automatically selected.

Panel feedback configuration
Configuration of the new panel feedback functionality uses a combination of existing features and some new ones. The key new features are as follows:

  • User portal - Candidate lists - new Override user role field
    This will default the default user role (usually Hiring Manager). For any panel feedback lists, the list should be added as per other Candidate lists, however the relevant user role should be selected for this new field instead. Users with the designated role who are assigned to a vacancy, but who are not the Hiring Manager will then be able to see candidates in the User portal when they are an assigned panel member.
  • Pop-up form configuration - User Role Repeater
    This new control may be added to feedback forms with whatever other required fields inside. Select the relevant user role. The content in the repeater will then repeat, based on how many people are assigned to that role on the vacancy, with each user only able to see their own section when they login to provide feedback.

    Additional configuration options include:
    • Current user mode - this is ticked by default and means that each panel member may only see their own feedback section. Optionally uncheck this if the panel members will be feeding back offline and a designated user, e.g. an Administrator, will be required to input feedback on behalf of all panel members, rather than the panel members doing this themselves in the User portal.
    • Summary heading user full name - the heading for the progress table column showing the assigned panel member users
    • Summary heading is submitted - the heading for the progress table column showing the ticks/crosses indicating whether the listed panel members have responded yet or not
    • Submitted text - the text a panel member sees if they have already provided feedback
    • Submission process - the process which runs when any panel member saves their feedback (N.B. This process requires logic to check whether all panel members have responded yet or not - see below)
    • Unsubmit button text - the text for the button which allows a panel member to change their feedback after they have already submitted it
    • Unsubmit button process - the process which runs when a panel member unsubmits their feedback for a candidate (optional, but may be useful if you require candidates to be automatically moved back a stage for example)
  • Pop-up configuration - User Role Placeholder
    This new control may be used to show/hide content added inside it, based on whether or not the currently logged in user is one of the people assigned to the selected role on the vacancy. e.g. You can use this to display a message to people who aren't one of the assigned panel members.
  • Structures - Sub-items - UserFullNameIsSubmitted, SubmittedUserGuid and CurrentUserSubmitted
    These are new database fields which are available and are associated with a specific User Role Repeater list.
    IMPORTANT: The last field above is for use in the User portal only. Adding this to a Backoffice view will cause the view to error.
    • UserFullName - Shows a comma separated list of the assigned panel members
    • IsSubmitted - Shows a comma separated list of "true"s or "false"s, indicating whether each member has responded or not
    • SubmittedUserGuid - Likely to be used for trouble shooting only - displays a comma-separated list of the user guids of the panel members who have submitted
    • CurrentUserSubmitted - For use in Candidate lists in the User portal only - displays a tick or a cross icon, depending on whether the currently logged in user has already actioned a candidate or not
  • The following configuration requires some of the above fields to be enabled as sub-items:
    • Use in Backoffice views to see which panel members have/haven't given feedback
    • Use in User portal candidate lists to allow a panel member to see which candidates they or other panel members have already provided feedback on
    • Use in queries within the User Role Repeater submission process to check whether all panel members have responded yet or not when each panel member submits (i.e. check for CandidateForm.YourUserRoleRepeaterListName.IsSubmitted NOT CONTAINS False)

General advice on configuration of panel feedback functionality on pop-up pages
Where panel feedback needs to be implemented, we would recommend one of the following two approaches, depending on whether a final decision needs to be made after all panel members have responded or not.

  1. If candidates can be progressed automatically, e.g. based on a total/average score being greater than X or once an "Approve" decision has been entered by all users required to authorise something, then this may all be configured on one page. The User Role Repeater Submission process may be configured with appropriate logic to progress the candidate accordingly automatically once the last panel member submits.

  2. If another user, e.g. the Hiring Manager, is required to review all the panel feedback, prior to making a final decision, then a two-stage process is recommended. This would typically involve the following:
  • Two separate pop-up forms - one for the Panel member feedback stage and one for the overall outcome stage
  • A read-only repeater on the overall outcome form to display the feedback/scores from all panel members in a read-only format for review
  • Two candidate workflow status folders - one for the panel member action and one for the overall review action
  • The User Role Repeater Submission process configured with appropriate logic to move candidates to the relevant overall decision folder once all panel members have submitted
  • User portal Override user role candidate list configured to show only candidates at the workflow step (folder) associated with the panel feedback activity

Panel feedback templates
Having tested these new features extensively, we have tried various ways to bring all of the above together to work for particular sets of requirements. e.g. An optional Panel screening workflow step, configurable by vacancy, so users can choose to use panel screening on some vacancies, but not on others.

These ideas/templates will continue to be refined as the functionality matures and is used in different ways by different clients. We are obviously happy to share our experience and best practice with you to help in the implementation of these new features for your clients.

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