4.5.32 - Advorto release notes - Roll-out from end January 2017

This release introduces a fantastic, brand new way of looking at lists of vacancies and candidates which we believe our clients are going to love. The key changes are focused in three areas:

As the new timeline pages serve a dual purpose - audit and landing page and are possible to link to from other areas of the system, we believe this is going to start to make the system feel a lot more connected and click-friendly.

The release also introduces new functionality to dashboard reports, allowing users to click through to drill into more information simply by clicking the reports.

Read on for the full beans and screenshots...


Vacancy tile view (simple mode)
We're introducing a new simple and more user-friendly way to look at your vacancy list - as tiles. You can now switch between detailed mode (the current lists), map mode (if enabled) and simple mode using the icon to the left of the top-right search box. The system will always remember which mode you last had selected to maintain your preferred way of using the system.

In the tile view, rather than a list, each vacancy is represented as a graphical tile. Each tile includes some key standard information about the vacancy as well as relevant links and icons to allow you to perform the various actions on the vacancy and to click through to relevant associated information.

Click the "Details" link on a tile to display the full list of fields for the currently selected view for a vacancy. Switching views will change the fields that are displayed when viewing details.

Click the tick icons in the top-right of vacancies to select one or more vacancies for a bulk action.

Vacancy timeline page
This release introduces a new way of looking at vacancy audit trails as a timeline. The timeline shows everything that has happened to a vacancy in a nice graphical format as a timeline, with the most recent event at the top.

Unlike the old audit trail, this includes candidate submissions, so you can see how many candidates submitted on particular days and click through to the new timeline page for a particular candidate as well.

Icons are used to distinguish between the different event types and for some events, a "More" link is available to view more information about that event, e.g. the email that was sent, the agents who were invited, the candidates who applied, etc. It is also possible to filter the timeline to show only specific event types, similar to the way the old audit trails were grouped.

Finally, the page serves as a landing page for a particular vacancy, with all available vacancy actions available in the navigation on the left. In addition, if the vacancy has any active candidates (i.e. not hired, rejected or withdrawn), links to the relevant active folders are also included in the left navigation. These links will only show candidates at the selected stage for the relevant vacancy, so this page also effectively replaces the old "Select vacancy" page.

New super simple invite to vacancy feature
After finding candidates in a talent pool search, invite individual candidates or invite candidates in bulk to apply to the vacancy. After a talent pool search from a vacancy (Search menu option above), the relevant vacancy will be automatically selected when sending invites. Invites and emails sent logged in the Person's audit trail and in the audit trail of the vacancy they were invited to.

Candidate tile view (simple mode)
Similarly to vacancy tiles, the Candidates list page also has a great new tile view as well. As per the vacancy tiles, each candidate tile displays the key data you need to see, with all the information in your selected view available at the click of the "Details" link.

All the relevant action icons and functions are available from the tiles, as per the current list view and you can select one or more candidates by clicking the tick icon in the corner of the tile to perform actions as well.

The new tiles also link through to the new candidate timeline pages, from where you can also perform all relevant actions on a particular candidate.

Candidate timeline page
Similar to the new Vacancy timelines page, this is a fantastic new way of looking at a candidate record, which we think users will find clearer and easier to understand.

In addition, these timeline pages act as a new landing page for candidates that may be linked to from other areas of the system, e.g. from candidate links on the new Vacancy timeline page.

All candidate actions are available in the left navigation of the timeline page to allow you to move candidates through the process, to perform all the usual candidate actions (folder moves, emails, SMS, etc.) and and to access all the other usual candidate information pages.

Every event that has happened to a candidate (data being updated, comms being sent, status changes, etc.) is represented in a more graphical way as a timeline, with icons for each event type.

Simply click the "More" links to see more information, e.g. the actual email or SMS that was sent, etc. Add a candidate comment (journal entry) right there inline in the timeline..

Horizontal status folder mode option for Vacancies and Candidates pages
It is now possible to switch the status folders on the Vacancies and Candidates pages to be displayed across the top of the screen, rather than in the left menu bar. In addition, on the Candidates page, the top-level folder counts are grouped, showing the total of all candidates within the selected top-level status folder, plus any child folders of that folder.

The new horizontal mode is managed by a security group setting, so clients may opt to leave the folders displayed on the left as they are now, to turn on horizontal status display for users in specific security groups only; or switch all security groups to use the new mode. Just raise a ticket with Advorto Support if you are interested in this change to arrange the switch-over if and when you wish to implement this new feature.

Click dashboard reports to view more information
This new feature is an update to the charts displayed on the Backoffice Dashboard report page. It allows users to click on a chart to drill in to see more information, including clicking through to view the actual list of vacancies or candidates that the report is counting to allow the data to be easily verified. Simply click a chart to see more information.

In addition, tables showing the numbers in the chart in a tabular format are also displayed. Previously this information was available only when hovering over the different graph segments and was lost when printing the charts or saving them as PDFs. Click the links in the table to drill in further to see which actual vacancies/candidates/Etc.

Update to Candidate tile on main homepage
This is a minor change to the "New" link wording the Candidates tile on the main dashboard. This is now "Submitted", which is consistent with the tile on the Candidates page dashboard and clearer as the link takes you through to the list of submitted candidates with the last folder that you had selected, rather than always selecting the "New candidates" (or equivalent) folder.


Chrome v39 issue with main navigation being hidden after accessing right-click menu
An issue has been resolved related to a specific version of the Google Chrome web browser (v39), where using the right-click context menu to action or view further information about a Candidate/Vacancy/Etc. was causing the main navigation options at the top of the page to be hidden.

Full name is being incorrectly used by Marketplace when returning user data
This is a minor update to Advorto Marketplace to allow relevant areas of the system to display a users's first name, rather than their full name.

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