Follow Release notes - Roll-out October 2016

Advorto release notes -
This release is mainly a bug fix/minor improvements release, but there's a few key areas of improvement and new functionality as well.

In particular we've focused on improving various elements of the standard branding of all the Advorto portals (Candidate, Agency and User/HM) to be compliant with W3C WCAG AA/AAA guidelines and to ensure everything works well on mobile devices. This will improve the accessibility of those areas of the system for candidates and users with disabilities.

In addition, this release introduces the following new features and improvements:

  • Vacancy templates
  • Enhanced email branding
  • Major improvements to use of Marketplace products, particularly for clients with existing credits for suppliers
  • Enhancements and improvements to top-up forms (used for capturing information from candidates post-submission), in particular a much improved candidate experience for clients with multiple top-up forms
  • Ability to resize dashboard charts
  • Addition of vacancy advertising options to Vacancy sharing page (N.B. There's no detail in the release notes on this one as we're currently working out commercials with new providers, but the integration work is done. We'll make some more noise about this once we are able to turn it on for our clients.)

The main highlights and items of interest in this release are detailed below, but there's almost 100 further minor tweaks, fixes, enhancements and improvements, which we won't bore everyone with the details of. However, if one of these minor things is related to a specific issue you've raised via Zendesk, you will be receiving a response to your ticket once the release goes live for you.


New feature - Vacancy templates
For clients who don't use the requisitions process, similar functionality to the existing requisition templates functionality is now available for vacancies.

There are two sides to the new functionality - vacancy template management and use of the templates themselves. Access to manage templates is managed based on the function being enabled in a particular security group. Users who have access to the "Templates" status will see a new "Create vacancy template" option in the Vacancies tab sub-navigation. Vacancy templates may be created from a blank form or by copying an existing template as a starting point.

Where templates exist, the list of available templates will be displayed when adding a new vacancy. The list of templates displayed is based on the user's currently selected preference, so only relevant templates will be displayed.

The functionality to create a vacancy from a template applies regardless of whether or not the user has access to manage templates or not. All users creating a vacancy may therefore either pick a template as a starting point or start with an empty form.

The following screenshots show both the new template creation page (first screenshot), showing you can also copy existing templates to create a new one) and what users will see when adding vacancies, where templates exist (second screenshot):

Updated functionality - Major improvements to Marketplace pop-up page
The Marketplace pop-up page has been greatly improved to make it simpler to see what is going on with assessments and other activities carried out through Marketplace. In addition, the whole user experience of using existing credits is far clearer and simpler, with one-click functionality to use assessments you've already bought on new candidates.

The screenshot below shows the updated page (N.B. The JSON tab indicated will be displayed to Super users only to help with troubleshooting issues):

Updated functionality - Vacancy deletion
The way vacancy deletion works has been improved. The "Delete vacancy" function will now appear as an icon and menu option in the vacancy actions menu. Previously, vacancy deletion was managed by changing the status of a vacancy to "Deleted". The Deleted status therefore no longer appears in the list of vacancy statuses.

Access to the delete vacancy feature is managed by security group, so clients will be able to manage who can and who can't perform this action.

The screenshot below shows the new location of the "Delete vacancy" menu option:

Updated functionality - Top-up form improvements
Top-up forms are used to capture any data from candidates after they've submitted their application. Examples of top-up form usage include, capturing interview accepts/declines, referee details, onboarding-related information capture and display, one-off forms to capture a key piece of data that wasn't asked at the application stage, e.g. "Do you speak Spanish?", equal opps "tear-offs", etc.

The first key improvement in this area is a new "Available until complete" type top-up form - one which is displayed in all selected folders (configurable) until the candidate submits it. This is ideal for scenarios such as post-submission equal opps data capture, where a candidate will be reminded to provide this info whenever they login and regardless of which status they are moved to until they do (or say that they don't want to).

The second key improvement to top-up forms is enhancements to better support multiple top-up forms. Previously, navigation to all top-up form pages would be all displayed at the same time, even though some forms may have already been completed or some hadn't been activated yet. The candidate would see a "You don't need to do this right now" message when selecting any currently inactive top-up forms.

Following this release, only the relevant pages will now be displayed in the navigation, so candidates will no longer see anything that they don't need to do/see. In addition, an individual introduction message and link may be configured for each top-up form which will appear on the Candidate's dashboard and Application status page. Previously, only one generic message applicable to all top-up forms was displayed.

Together, these enhancements will provide a much clearer and tailored candidate experience, depending on the top-up action (or actions) that they currently need to complete.

To illustrate this, see the screenshot below, which shows an example of a candidate with three applications to three different vacancies at three different stages and requiring three different actions:

Updated functionality - Email branding enhancements
Although you'll see no changes in the way that email templates are managed and sent, behind the scenes we've entirely updated the way email branding works to improve the way that fully branded emails using html will look in most email clients. This allows the system to better support custom email branding requirements for clients, particularly for clients who wish to use custom fonts, headers and footers.

User last activity report now indicates deleted users
The standard custom report "User - Last activity report" now includes an additional column to indicate users who have been deleted v. current users. After downloading the report, this column may be used to filter the list to show only active users where necessary and hence may be used by clients to confirm that their user numbers are within the range permitted by their current monthly service charge.

Enhancement to agency invite wizard
Previously, when doing a "Full agency invite" (i.e. giving permission for any agents at the selected agency to submit candidates), the system would enforce all emailable agents at each selected agency to be selected. This is now no longer the case, so users only need to select the agent they want to email and the system will still authorise any other agents at the selected agency where this option is used.

Improvement to CSV exports from Backoffice list pages
An improvement has been made to avoid Excel converting some characters to different characters in Excel, e.g. £ in the system used to become £ in Excel. This applies to CSV downloads and to reports live-linked to a Backoffice list page view.

Users who perform bulk user role reassignments now captured in vacancy audit trail
Update to the vacancy bulk actions to add the user who performed the action to the audit trail of vacancies when a bulk assign to user role action is performed.

Enhancements to sorting columns based on dates, where invalid dates exist in the data
Previously, if there was any invalid data that wasn't a date and a column was configured to sort in date order, this would cause issues. This scenario may have occurred, for example, where a field was originally not a date field, but was subsequently updated to only allow date entry. Invalid data is now supported and will be displayed below any data with valid dates.

New feature: Resize your dashboard charts
Following the release of the new Dashboard in the previous release, it became apparent that the size of the report images on the dashboard were a little too restrictive to display all data for some reports with lots of variables/options. Reports on the dashboard may now be resized to give them more space, allowing more information to be more clearly viewed.

Right click and select "Resize chart" or click the triangle icon in the bottom right corner to resize a particular report. There are various options for wide reports, tall reports, small (standard view), medium and large. The new pop-up menu is shown in the screenshot below (Vacancies by location chart showing in "Tall" mode):

New feature - Rich text use in journal entries
Bold, italic, underline, bullets, numbering and links can now be viewed when viewing journal entries in the candidate audit trail and when viewing historical entries on the journal entry pop-up page.

New feature - Buttons on Search page disabled when no search results
When searching using the Search tab and no results are found, relevant buttons to click through to view the results will now be greyed out. This means that clients will no longer click through to either a list of nothing; or a list or irrelevant search results. The screenshot below shows the greyed-out inactive buttons:

Colour change to "Submit" type buttons on pop-up pages
The button colours for buttons on Backoffice pop-up pages which trigger processes has been changed to green (consistent with the green in the pop-up navigation). These were previously a grey colour, which we felt may make some users think the buttons were "greyed out". See "Submit screening decision" button in the screenshot below as an example: