Advorto templated systems - candidate application form set-up


Advorto's templated systems comprise:

1. Advorto backoffice with full ATS functionality where the recruitment team can publish roles, customise the candidate application form and manage candidates from application to hire. Some key features:

  • Search your Talent Pools
  • Post roles to Jobboards and social media
  • Manage recruitment agents
  • Bulk application processing tools through a standardised workflow (Application->Recruiter screen->Hiring Manager Screen->Interviews->Offer)
  • Integrated assessments such as video interviews and psychometric tests
  • Reporting dashboards

2. (Professional Edition and above) Advorto Hiring Manager Portal for raising and approving requisitions, screening candidates and arranging interviews

  • Intuitive interface requiring no training
  • Fully-responsive/mobile-friendly design
  • AAA-compliant

3. Client-branded vacancy listing and candidate portal where candidates can browse roles and apply. Some key features:

  • Branded application form and email templates
  • Fully-responsive/mobile-friendly design
  • AAA-compliant


Advorto templated systems can be created and branded instantly. See this article for the branding options.


Prepare your system

When you have been granted access to the system, you can customise many options to suit the requirements of your scheme. These include banks of questions you can maintain for selection on each Programme/Scheme:

  • Eligibility questions
  • Competency questions
  • Why us? questions
  • Yes-no questions
  • Candidate self-rating questions

How to edit or add to these options

One or two examples of each of the above are already in the system on deployment. To edit or add new items:

  1. In the Advorto backoffice, click 'Settings'
  2. In 'Manage classifiers' edit or add key options which once complete will let you configure each “Vacancy” as you require with options from the following:
  • Competency questions - appear on the "Competency questions" page (max 250 word answer)
  • Eligibility questions - candidates will be rejected if they respond "No".
  • Self-rating areas - this function is optional, but if you want to use it, just add the areas you want to measure (both "interest" and "strength") via Settings > Manage classifiers. Then, select the areas you want to measure on this vacancy. Candidates will be asked to rate their level of interest in each area, as well as a self-assessed current "strength" level. You may, for example, use this information to help match candidates to the programmes that will best suit their interest and abilities; or ask the same questions at the end of the programme and get some interesting data on the how the candidate has progressed.
  • Why us questions - appear on the "Why us" page (max 250 word answer)
  • Yes-No questions - used for data capture only (no rejections)
  • Programme - if you have multiple Programmes e.g. Marketing, Sales etc., with e.g. different Eligibility and Competency questions for each Programme, add the options here, and set up multiple “Vacancies” which candidates can search and apply to.
  • Scheme - e.g.Graduates or Interns - as above

Other key options

  • Media sources - edit/add to these in Settings->Application form lists
  • Email templates - edit these in Settings->Email templates

Please note, changes aren't complete and other users are blocked from making other changes until you click 'Commit'.


We advise making a batch of changes in one go, then clicking to Commit multiple changes at a time. For more information, please refer to this article:

Set up your "Vacancies"

When you've added your options above, you are ready to set up one or more "Vacancies".

"External careers website" is the Advorto-hosted vacancy-listing and candidate portal and is usually the key option to include in the 'Publish to' section. 


Adding your options to customise the candidate application form

Include any questions you want to appear in the application form when candidates apply to this "Vacancy".



Choose "Structured screening" if you want screeners to rate the candidate against multiple criteria (Experience, Skills, Qualifications, Corporate fit, plus the candidates' responses to Competency questions):

Structured screening form


If you choose to 'enable candidate preferences' in the 'Candidate workflow' section, then candidates will be asked to choose from the list of options you have created earlier. This is useful if you want all candidate applications to come into a single role, while also asking them to express a location or department preference for example:




Other options when creating a vacancy should be self-explanatory:


Summary of information required

Click the link below to download a PDF of the candidate application form with example options selected.


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