Introduction to Advorto Refer

Advorto Refer is an online system for administering your staff referral scheme, encouraging employees to share new roles in your organisation with their social networks, offered to clients using Advorto Enterprise or Unlimited Editions.

Your referral scheme administrator can set rewards for employees whose friends make successful applications to your organisation. Your employees can then monitor their friends' progress and claim their 'bounty' when it becomes payable.

Key areas

  • Administration portal – for the administrator of the Referral programme to set default bounties, or special bounties for hard to fill roles and to manage payment to employees – https://your-system-url~/Refer/AdminPortal/
  • Employee portal – where Employees can find their personal 'Broadcast links' for sharing roles on Social media, monitor the progress of their friends’ applications and claim any bounties owed to them - https://your-system-url~/Refer/EmployeePortal/
  • Internal portal – https://your-system-url~/internalportal/search.aspx - you’ll see a 'Refer this vacancy' button (next to ‘Apply’) against each role in the internal portal. This links through to the Employee portal

Administration portal

1. Logging in: authorised users will see an additional 'Refer' tab in the Advorto backoffice. Click the tab and the Refer admin portal wil open in a new tab or window.

2. Configuration: click 'Configure' at the top-right of the screen to set default bounties to be be paid for successful referrals. Bounties can be paid for:

  • Applications submitted
  • Interviews attended
  • Candidates hired
  • Employees who pass probation

When candidates move through the workflow in the Advorto backoffice, their status is updated in Refer.

3. Set other configuration options as required. If you have an email address which emails everyone in your organisation, there’s an option to add this email and invite all employees to join Refer:

4. Inviting employees to use Refer:

  • Emailing them all from the configuration screen as described above
  • Adding an individual employee – click 'Add employee' in the left-hand menu
  • Adding a selection of employees in CSV format by clicking 'Bulk add employees'

Employee portal

Employees log into the Employee portal where they have their own dashboard. They can grab and share their personal, unique 'Broadcast link' to make a general invitation to their friends to register at Refer. They can also grab vacancy-specific links to share on social media.

When friends apply, Advorto Refer will match their Refer-registered email address with the email address used to apply, enabling employees to track friends’ progress and their eligibility to receive any bounties.

Friends clicking on a Broadcast link or a vacancy-specific share link are taken to a simple form where they register their name and email address and are then taken straight to the candidate portal to apply.


Clicking on 'Referrals' in the left-hand menu allows employees to see any friends, who have applied to roles to which they have been referred, and the stage they have reached in the recruitment process. If activated, employees can also 'Nudge' the administrator of the Refer system if they think their friend has reached a stage where a bounty is owed.

'Vacancies' provides an overview of Referrable roles and vacancy-specific links which they can share.

'Preferences' allows employees to select only certain types of role for referral, as they may only have a social network interested in certain roles.

Internal portal

If you are using the Advorto internal portal to share roles internally, we can activate 'Refer this vacancy' buttons. When clicked, employees are taken to the Employee portal, where they can grab the relevant broadcast link for the role ready to share with their friends.

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