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Advorto release notes -

This release is focused primarily on the Advorto Backoffice and brings some fantastic changes and enhancements, as well as minor fixes and updates. You'll immediately notice that the Backoffice looks brighter and cleaner, but there are a few key changes in particular that we want to draw your attention to. So, please do read on... at least down to where we've said "This is the end of the really important stuff" and don't miss our key tips...

Actions/Functions/Processes columns and no more scrolling to the right!
We've simplified the way the icons are displayed on the right side of the data lists. Most icons will now be displayed behind a drop-down menu giving more space to your data. Certain key functions and actions will always appear and others may be promoted to appear if required.

Most importantly, it's now possible to right click anywhere in a particular row to perform an activity, so you now no longer have to scroll to the right to see the icons at all.

Key tip: Use your right mouse button on all list pages to recruit faster!

Did you know? You can get to the Views menu quicker without scrolling down by clicking the "Folders" section heading within the folder bar to collapse that section. You can also hide the entire folder bar to see more columns on the screen by clicking just to the right of the folder scroll bar.

New tab homepages
Every tab now has a homepage. This means that, instead of getting directly to a busy list of data, you will now be taken to an initial dashboard-type page (the Vacancy tab home page is shown below). There are a number of key functions available on these homepages and we'll be adding more in future releases.

These pages will have a positive impact on system performance as certain common actions may be done without needing to open full list pages. They also provide us with a platform to add further functionality, reports and calls to action in future releases. We appreciate that it may take a little time for existing users to get used to these new pages, but if you still prefer to go directly to a list of your data, you still can - see the tip below.

Key tip: If you want to go directly to a data list, rather than a tab homepage, use the links within the tiles on the main Homepage.

Important note: The Candidates page will now also remember which status folder and which view you had selected last (as the vacancy page already does). This replaces the current "Default folder" functionality, which has been retired and works even between logins, so hopefully we've saved you some clicks here as well...

Enhancements to Candidate pop-up pages (e.g. Send email, Screening, etc.)
These pop-up pages have had a style refresh to make them look cleaner and clearer. We've also introduced some new functionality to the action buttons that may be configured on Action pages, e.g. Submit screening outcome, etc.

The first thing you'll notice is that the standard confirmation message pop-ups will now appear as they do when you perform actions using icons or the bulk action menu.

Where appropriate, these action buttons may now be configured to appear at the bottom of the page alongside the other standard buttons, which will help to reduce confusion between the function of the "Save" button and the buttons which actually progress candidates.

In addition, the buttons may now be set to redirect to the next relevant page automatically, without you having to click anything, e.g. immediately end up on the "Arrange interview" page after submitting your screening outcome.

It will take a few weeks to update configuration for individual clients to take best advantage of these new features, but we believe this will make a major difference to clients with regards to the ease of use of the system.

Reporting dashboard
This is a new section within the Reporting tab providing you with a number of key metrics and useful reports about your recruitment activity, with more to come in the future. The available standard reports in the release include:

  • Timelines of submissions, vacancies, requisitions, candidate folder/status changes and user logins showing various measures of recruitment activity over time to help inform planning
  • Time to interview/offer/hire (min/max/ave) to help people stay on track with internal KPIs
  • Vacancy counts by classification, e.g. business area/location/contract type, showing where the activity is within your business
  • Top 5 users by activity, e.g. screening/interviews/offers, which can be used to help monitor who is doing what and whether they need any support
  • Candidates by type (direct, internal, agency) to help keep you on track with KPIs related to agency use
  • Top sources to show you which sources are working best for you
  • Candidate counts/proportions by any candidate field, e.g. Equal opportunities reporting to help ensure your recruitment processes are fair

The release also brings a slicker look and feel to the charts, which you'll also see on all other reports in the Backoffice and, very soon, the User portal too.

Key tip: Use your right mouse button on the new charts to see some useful options to save and print individual charts or the entire dashboard.

Important note: Display of the new charts is not supported in very old versions of some browsers. Sorry to the very few of you who are stuck in the dark ages, but we've got to move with the times!

Vacancy saved/sharing page
When you save a new vacancy, you will now be taken to a new page, which includes a number of sections allowing you to immediately advertise your vacancy, with more to come on this page in future releases:

  • Basic vacancy details, including the link to use if posting on job boards or sending to candidates manually
  • Options for advertising on social media
  • Suggestions from Marketplace for agencies who may be able to help (preferential rates with no contracts to worry about as we've done all that for you)
  • Use the Advorto Accelerator MSP service (tap into a wealth of highly specialist smaller recruitment agencies to find the best candidates, faster)

Key tip: Open this page at any time via the new Vacancy sharing icon/link in the vacancy actions menu.

Failed comms audit and monitoring
When comms (email, SMS or mail merge docs) failure rates go over a certain threshold, the Advorto team will now be notified and will be able to contact clients to advise them to address issues where there is a problem with a particular template, user or candidate account (e.g. due to an invalid sender or recipient email address, etc.).

In addition, on the Settings page, there is a new Failed Email/SMS section allowing clients to review a list of all failed comms and to take appropriate action where required.

Self-service global system configuration updates (Super users only)
This release includes some major enhancements to self-service configuration for Super users. It is now possible to manage the following areas of global configuration:

  • Renaming/Adding/Deleting classifiers (e.g. Departments, Locations, etc.) - now also includes translations of these items for multi-lingual systems
  • Renaming/Adding/Deleting form list items (e.g. Media sources, University lists, Notice period options, etc.) - now also includes translations of these items for multi-lingual systems
  • Managing global email and SMS templates
  • Managing global identities (who comms are sent from)
  • Managing documents
  • Managing global views on all list pages (Edit link appears for Super users only)
    N.B. The improved interface used here is also on personal views - fields are now grouped into sensible categories to make it easier to find what you want, with a clearer drag and drop function for reordering columns (see below screenshot)
  • Manage data retention policy (see separate section below)

The other major change in this area is that it is now possible to make multiple configuration changes at once and then commit all your changes at the end, which will save Super users a lot of time.

Key tip: Don't forget to click the "Commit" button to save your changes. Not sure what you've done or didn't mean to change something? Just click "Roll back". If you don't commit your changes, no other users or the Advorto Support team will be able to make changes to your system until you do.

Note: If either Advorto support or another Super user has any configuration changes in progress, you will see a message on all the above pages informing you that it is not currently possible to make changes and you can see who this is (see below). If it's one of your users, speak to them and ask them to make the change you want as well.

Manage your data retention policy (Super users only)

This is a new functionality which allows you to manage when candidate data is automatically deleted from your system in order to comply with your company's data retention policy. As part of this, we will update each folder in your system to be classified as one of the following categories:

  • Terminal negative (e.g. any reject/fail/declined/withdrawn folders)
  • Terminal positive (e.g. any folders associated with a successful hire)

All other folders will be considered active, i.e. candidates are expected to only move through them and not stay in them.

Client super users who wish to enable a data retention policy may do this via the Settings menu (Global system setup). Simply switch the data retention setting radio button to "Hard delete old data" and choose how long you want to keep data for.

Important note: All data retention settings changes are audited and all system super users are emailed when any change is made to data retention settings - safety in numbers!

Once a data retention policy is enabled, the following rules apply:

  • Candidate data associated with submitted applications in terminal negative folders will be fully deleted after an application has been in a terminal folder for longer than the period specified
  • Unsubmitted applications will be fully deleted if they were started longer ago than the data retention period specified
  • Candidate documents are are also deleted
  • Any Person data, e.g. Contact details, will only be deleted once a candidate has no remaining active applications (i.e. all their applications have been in a terminal folder for longer than the data retention period).
  • At the point a candidate's last application is deleted, all Person data is removed, with the exception of the following:
    • Company-wide eligibility data
    • Login/Registration information
    • Talent bank data (excluding documents)
    • Job alerts preferences
  • A person's account is NOT deleted, so a candidate who has had all their applications deleted, may continue to receive job alerts and classifications for talent banked candidates will be maintained
  • Speculative or registration of interest profiles will not be deleted if someone has never made an application (i.e. the data retention process is triggered by the existence of an application)

----This is the end of the really important stuff ----

If you've enjoyed the story so far, do feel free to read on though!

Advorto API
The release includes some key building blocks for our new API. So far this allows us to support things such as:

  • Users being updated from a third party system, e.g. Active Directory or HRIS
  • Users being added from a third party system
  • Users being listed in a third party system

User portal

Default value for SMS send from field on User add/edit form
It is now possible to specify a default value for the SMS send from field on the user form when adding new users or for when new users register themselves. This would normally be set to be a client's name, but may be set as an actual mobile number if required, which would allow candidates to reply to texts sent from the system from user's individual identities.

New standard user portal theme
This release introduces a new standard user portal theme, which we've developed for one of our white label partners. We quite like it though, so can offer this as an option to our clients as well.

Update to User type options
The user type field has been simplified and aligned with the wording used on the Advorto website regarding user licensing. The user types are now:

  • Super - Backoffice users who are also super users
  • User - A Backoffice user
  • Hiring Manager - A User portal user


Dashboard tiles in IE9
There was an issue where the dashboard tiles were not moving correctly in IE9 when the browser window was resized. This has been resolved.

Minor fix to Backoffice pop-up navigation
Under certain circumstances, two options in the navigation would be highlighted at the same time, e.g. both View and Review, due to text matching logic. This has been updated to no longer happen.

Backoffice pop-up button label text is now configurable
The text on the standard buttons at the bottom of pop-up pages is now configurable, which is expected to help avoid confusion when these buttons are displayed alongside process/action buttons.

Security enhancement related to mimicking users
The system now checks that the currently logged in user has permissions to mimic users. Previously it was possible to navigate back in the browser history and be able to perform actions, based on the rights of the previously logged in user.

Improved UI for document management page
This page is clearer when a system either has no global documents or where a user has no personal documents added.

Improved interface for the cost tracking module
The cost tracking module has had some minor improvements. The look of the costs history table is better and if there are no costs yet, the add cost form will be immediately displayed to users, rather than an additional click being needed.

New interview slots charts - available from Assessment tab dashboard
Click the Charts tile on the Assessments tab to see past and upcoming interview and assessment activity (numbers of interview slots per day).

Fix to the To field when messaging agents about their candidates or emailing agency candidates
Under certain circumstances, the email/SMS To field when initially selecting a comms template could be misleading, although it was correct when previewing the final message. This issue has been resolved and the To field is now consistent with the Preview page.

Check identity has an email or SMS send from details added when previewing comms
Where a global or personal identity either had no email or SMS send from details, this was not being picked up as an issue when previewing comms. This has been rectified and a warning message will now be displayed advising users what to do to resolve the problem.

Fix to inline Add contact function when sending comms
Personal contacts may now again be added inline where necessary, without having to add them on the Contacts page first.

Minor update to agency matching functionality
Improved reliability of matching unallocated agents to the relevant agency, based on their email address.

Security added to Person list page actions
Action security was not previously respected on the Person list page. It now is, so only users who have been given explicit rights to view Person actions will be able to see them.

Email to user role process action not visible in audit trail
Where an email to a user role is triggered by a process, under certain circumstances, the process which caused the email to be sent was not visible in the candidate audit trail. This issue has been resolved.

Bullet point lists not correctly displayed on Backoffice pop-up pages
Bullet point lists created using standard HTML for unordered lists were not displaying correctly on some pages. Bullets will now be correctly displayed as intended.

Error on viewing global inbound email journal entry template
A bug which caused viewing this particular journal template type to error has been resolved.

Data save issue for text fields with mismatched field name and label
An issue has been addressed where data in certain vacancy text fields was not saving the first time when creating a new vacancy.

Enhancement and new style to the warning message displayed when over 500 candidates are selected to action at once
The warning message displayed when users select too many candidates to action at once has been made consistent with other pop-up warning and acknowledgement messages.

Candidate portal

Registration of interest/Speculative applications page title
The page title was not being displayed and now is.

Available years in date picker extended
It is now possible to select years up to 15 years in the future. This has been extended to cover use of the date picker for Passport expiry date or other similar requirements.

Agency portal

Agency super users (Super agents) unable to add new consultants to their own agency
This release addresses an issue which is preventing super users in agencies from being able to add new consultants themselves.


Opening Marketplace from the Marketplace candidate pop-up in Internet Explorer
There was an issue which was preventing the page from opening correctly in IE, which has now been resolved.

System Builder (info for Partners only)

Key links to all portals
Key links to all published portals now available on the system publish page - Backoffice, User portal, External candidate portal, Internal candidate portal, Agency portal

Use System Edition in show/hide logic (placeholder controls)
This function is useful in creating system templates, where you want a change to the Advorto edition a client is using to show/hide different content on any form pages in the system.

Improvements to config importer
This enhancement makes the addition of certain configuration in bulk easier, e.g. importing lists of comms templates. For configuration options requiring logical true/false values, an exact match used to be required. The import is now no longer case-sensitive and supports entry of any of the following values or a mix thereof:

  • True/False
  • true/false
  • YES/NO
  • Yes/No
  • yes/no
  • 1/0

Publish straight to live option
A new button is available allowing a minor, zero-risk configuration change to be published straight to live in one click, rather than having to publish to Test, Staging and Live in turn.

Clear data on Staging option
Certain configuration changes require data to be cleared out. It is now possible to do this on both Test and Staging, which will help with faster delivery of systems to client UAT.

Improvements to display of errors when publishing system fails
It was sometimes not obvious that a publish error had occurred. This has been improved.

Improvements to document management
It was previously possible to detach a document without saving the Documents page, which rendered the configuration in an invalid state and would cause a deployment to fail. This is now no longer the case.

Client notes and System edition fields
The edition which a client is using along with any relevant client-specific notes may now be recorded on the System configuration page and will be visible in the client/system list.

Update to System Builder branding
System Builder has had a facelift and will look a bit different and better than it did before.

New statuses to manage system types
Each client may now be assigned a status, to indicate the purpose of each system. This will also allow temporary systems to be regularly tidied up and removed on a weekly basis. The statuses are as follows:

  • Active – Current live paying customer
  • Trial – Sample system for a prospect to play with
  • Demo – Demo systems used by Advorto and/or partners
  • Template – Core system templates
  • Paused – Live customer but system temporarily switched off, e.g. in between campaigns
  • Warning – System will be deactivated (possibly out of licence/late payment)
  • Pending deletion – Will be deleted during next round of cleanup

New configurable message which is displayed on the system Publish page
Where required, a message may be added to the Publish page to alert partners or colleagues to something on a particular client, e.g. "Do not publish this client to live whilst UAT on Project P0123 is under way".

Various other improvements
A number of other minor improvements have been made to help improve reliability and performance.





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