What emails are sent from Advorto Reference?

Advorto Reference has five fixed email templates, which are not currently editable by clients.

These are as follows:

  1. Email to candidate once they've registered with Reference
    This happens automatically when a candidate clicks the link in the Advorto Candidate Portal and provides them with a direct link to continue completing their references without having to login if they so choose.

  2. Chaser email to candidate (similar to the above)

  3. Email to referees requesting references
    These emails are sent automatically once the candidate submits their referees.

  4. Chaser email to referees (similar to the above)

  5. Email to Recruiter/Hiring Manager when a reference is provided
    This email may be configured to be sent to either the Recruiter or the Hiring Manager (but not currently both) and is sent automatically when each referee submits their response.

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