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Advorto release notes -

User portal/Backoffice

Inconsistencies with data shown in a user's "My requisitions" list
In certain scenarios, a users Backoffice "My requisitions" list was not showing the correct requisitions, e.g. after a user with no access to "All requisitions" clicked the "Reset" icon; or for clients using multiple classifiers to classify users. All known issues have been resolved in both the User portal and the Backoffice.

Minor style updates to User portal
Some of the minor style updates in the previous release had an unexpected impact in few areas:

  • Unnecessary spacing on the User portal dashboard
  • Strange positioning of the requisition rejection comments box when rejecting requisitions
  • Client CSS customisations to Advorto standard templates were being ignored

All these issues have been resolved.

Requisition-only documents now downloadable from vacancy printable views
Documents added to a requisition, but not brought across to the vacancy were not downloadable from the updated vacancy printable view pages. They now are.

Candidate portal

Accessing Marketplace assessments from the Candidate dashboard
In certain scenarios, candidates were experiencing an issue when trying to access a third party assessment directly from their dashboard page (an issue which did not occur when accessing the same assessment after selecting a specific application). This issue has been resolved.

Encoding of special characters on brochure and application form pages
Non-English characters were not displaying as they should be on some system pages. This issue has been resolved.

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