Can the system send an email to a Recruiter/Hiring Manager when a candidate submits?

If your system doesn't already do this, the simple answer is yes. All that is needed is a change to your candidate submission process. In it's simplest form the submission process just sends an email to the candidate (or submitting agent for agency submissions). This same process can be configured to send emails to users who are assigned to roles on the vacancy the candidate applied to as well if required.

There are two configuration options available to Enterprise/Unlimited edition clients:

  1. Blanket rule - update the process to send an email to the Recruiter and/or the Hiring Manager for all vacancies

  2. Vacancy-specific rule - this option requires slightly more work and would involve adding a new field to your vacancy form (or possibly a new option to an existing field, depending on your existing configuration) to allow you to enable/disable this email on a per-vacancy basis. The configuration will depend on whether you want the default mode to be to send an email to users or to not send an email to users.

Please contact your Advorto account manager to discuss implementation of this change if of interest.





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