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Advorto release notes -

User portal/Backoffice

Visibility of unclassified requisition templates
Improvement to requisition template functionality - requisition templates with nothing selected for a particular classifier field will now be visible to users who are classified. This allows, for example, a single template to be set up which covers all locations with no location required to be selected on the template. Users will be able to see and select templates both which have their specific location selected and those which have no locations selected when creating requisitions or managing templates.

New feature: Vacancy document file downloads now available for use on screening pages
It is now possible to simply add vacancy document download links to any candidate portal, Backoffice or User portal form pages. When adding document download links, only fields which are actually documents will now be available to select (previously all fields were visible).

Update to Reset eligibility and Unsubmit buttons
Enhancement to Edit candidate page - Reset eligibility and Unsubmit candidate buttons no longer validate the page. This means that clients with editable fields on the Edit candidate page no longer have to ensure that all compulsory fields are completed on that page, prior to performing either of these actions.

New feature: Vacancy edit form title and button text now configurable
The text of the Vacancy edit page title and "Save" button on that page is now configurable. In addition, a "vacancy saved" confirmation message is also now configurable, but this will not yet be displayed to clients.

Links to documents in printable views
Minor update to ensure that document download links on printable views are clickable in Internet Explorer. In addition, the full URL of the document will now no longer be displayed, making the links clearer for users.

New feature: Duplicate message on Marketplace admin popup
Where a third party assessment provider does not support the same person taking the same assessment for different vacancies and a "Duplicate assessment" error is returned by the vendor, this will now be clearly indicated on the Backoffice Marketplace page to allow clients to take appropriate action when necessary. The text of the warning message may also be configured as required.

New feature: Mix of Requisition/Vacancy data now possible on print views even when a vacancy was not created from a requisition
Vacancy/requisition printable views may now include a combination of vacancy and requisition fields and will work as expected, even for a vacancy not created from a requisition. Previously, vacancy printable views including requisition fields would not display if a vacancy was not created from a requisition.

Update to Edit Person page to no longer redirect to Candidate portal on save
Update to the "Edit person" page (edit account details) so users who are updating candidate account details on behalf of a candidate will no longer be redirected to the Candidate portal on submitting changes. Instead, users will now stay on the Backoffice page as expected.

Unsubmit candidate function now available for agency candidates
Update to the "Unsubmit candidate" feature to allow this function to be used on agency candidates as well as non-agency candidates. Candidates will now be moved back to the unsubmitted status and correctly associated with the original agent who submitted them.

Improvements to PDF generation
Various improvements to printable view PDFs to resolve issues where the entire PDF did not generate first time

Various other minor fixes and enhancements

Candidate portal

New feature: starting and ending text on internal vacancy information page
It is now possible to add standard text to appear before or after the web advert text on the Internal candidate portal vacancy details page.

Telephone number controls in repeaters
Minor fix to ensure that the new telephone number entry fields are correctly displayed when used in a list.

Resolution for a Marketplace duplicate assessment issue
For clients using assessment providers who do not support the same person taking the same assessment for different vacancies, this fix address an issue with candidates clicking through to a duplicate assessment from the candidate portal dashboard page, rather than clicking the link after selecting the relevant application first.

Top-up form Introduction and Summary pages in side navigation
Update to top-up form navigation so that, where used, Introduction and Summary pages will now be displayed in the navigation, as is the case with the initial application form navigation.

Submitted date on application status page before submission
Update to candidate application status page to no longer show a "zero value date" (01/01/0001) when an application is not yet submitted.

Error for invalid vacancy references on vacancy information page in multi-lingual systems Candidate Portal
Fix for multi-lingual systems to redirect candidates to the careers homepage, when a link to a vacancy details page with an invalid vacancy Id is used. Previously this would have displayed an error page.

Various design-related updates
Minor changes to fix various styling and javascrip issues and to bring various pages in line with the current standards used by Advorto.

Job description download links
Updatea to job description download links to support conversion to PDF for both files which aren't already a PDF as well as files which already are a PDF

Various other minor fixes and enhancements

System Builder

New feature: Global merge fields and custom merge fields
New system configuration functionality to allow certain text and field names to be all updated from a single place. In addition, {!Client.Name} and {!Client.EmailDomain} are now available as global merge fields for use on all pages.

CSS versioning added to designs
Enhancement to design changes publishing mechanism, to help ensure that changes to design should always be immediately visible once published. Previously, some changes required clients/users to force their browser to overwrite cached files by doing a Ctrl+F5 to refresh the page.

PreFlightCheck - Vacancy document on Vacancy Details page not set
New system warning to check that a valid vacancy document is selected when a document is configured to be downloadable from vacancy details pages.

List of available global merge fields to a new help page
Update to system publish page to include a link to show details of any merge fields used in the configuration, including display of and functionality to add/edit the new custom system merge fields.

Specify text when there are no vacancies on search.aspx
Change to vacancy search page configuration when in simple vacancy list mode to allow the "No vacancies" message to be more obviously configurable.

Fix to publish of folder hierarchy
Update to system publish functionality to ensure that the correct folder hierarchy is published when a system is first deployed or when any future changes are made to the candidate workflow folder structure.

Company names with & symbol now supported
The {!Client.Name} global merge field may now be used for a company with the & symbol

Security enhancements
Access to bulk import of requisition templates and users is now restricted to only super users


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