Custom URLs for your candidate portal

Customers on Enterprise or Unlimited editions may also request a ‘custom URL’ - occasionally referred to as a 'Vanity URL'.

This allows you to specify a URL of your own choosing for your candidate portal, providing candidates with a more seamless transition from your own website to the Advorto-hosted system. This might take the form of “” or “” or even “”.

Where a custom domain name is required, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate. We are happy to guide you through the process, and in any event it has to start with us creating a "Certificate Request" for you. Once you've purchased the SSL certificate, then we will install it on your system as part of the service.

Step-by-step guide to requesting a “Vanity URL”

  1. Contact your Account Manager and ensure that this option is available to you on your current contract.
  2. Provide Advorto with the details of the URL you would like to use. Please keep in mind the following points when choosing your URL.
    1. The URL must be owned and controlled by your company.
    2. The URL cannot be a subsite on a current URL. i.e. is not a valid URL
    3. Try to keep the URL simple to aid candidates i.e. or
  3. Advorto will create a custom site on their server which will serve your URL and provide you the following:
    1. Advorto will provide you the Advorto custom address for your site.
    2. Advorto will generate a Certificate Request file for your Vanity URL and provide this to you.
  4. You will need to provide the Advorto Custom address to your Domain Naming Service (DNS) hosting provider and request they configure a CNAME record between your chosen URL and the Advorto Custom address.
    Advorto require this to be a CNAME record as it allows for your site to be highly available.
  5. You then contact your SSL Certificate provider and purchase the certificate, providing them the Certificate Request file Advorto have provided. In return your Certificate provider will provide you a certificate file.
  6. You provide Advorto the Certificate file which your provider has given you.
  7. Advorto will upload the certificate to the server and bind it to your Vanity URL.

After these steps are completed your Vanity URL will be fully available and accessible by your candidates and staff with the reassurance of a familiar URL and the confidence that their information is safe with the signed SSL certificate.

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