Requesting references using Advorto Reference

What is Advorto Reference?

Advorto Reference is a standalone Advorto product which is designed to improve the efficiency of the process of obtaining references for candidates. It includes automation of the process to request references from candidates, obtain feedback from the referees provided, along with automated chasers to both candidate and referees and notifications to the Recruiter or Hiring Manager when the various activities have been completed.

Advorto Reference is available to use independently of the Advorto product, on an ad-hoc basis via Advorto Marketplace or for maximum efficiency, as a fully integrated part of your Advorto Recruitment Management System.

Who is this article for?

This article is aimed at Advorto clients who have implemented Advorto Reference in fully  integrated mode. All of the individual possible steps of the process for everyone involved in the process is described. At a high level, this process includes:

  1. Client requests referees from candidate
  2. Candidate submits referees and is automatically chased if they don't
  3. Referees provide references and are automatically chased if they don't
  4. Client checks responses

If Advorto Reference is not configured for your system and you are interested in this product, please contact your account manager for further information or use the product on an ad hoc basis via Advorto Marketplace.

Advorto Reference user guide

Step 1 - Request references
Run the relevant "Request references (Advorto Reference)" process in your system. This process will usually be configured to move candidates candidates to a "Referees requested" (or equivalent) status folder and send the candidate an email notifying them to login to the system to provide their references.

N.B. Chaser emails will be automatically sent to the candidate if they don't respond. There are three automated chasers - first chaser is sent after 24 hours, second chaser after 48 hours and a final chaser after 1 week.

Step 2 - Candidate receives email and logs in to your Careers site
The email will direct candidates to login to the candidate portal (via the usual login page). On logging in, they will see an "Action required" panel indicating that they need to do something.

Clicking through from there to the next page will trigger the candidate's details to be sent to Advorto Reference and there will be a short wait whilst this is happening. A "Please wait..." message displayed to the candidate at this point.

Once the transfer is complete a "Click here to submit your references" link will be displayed to the candidate.

Candidates will also be sent a follow up email as soon as their details are registered with Advorto Reference, which will allow them direct access to the Referees entry page.

N.B. If a candidate did not originally submit directly to the Advorto system, e.g. if they were added by a Recruiter or were imported from another third party system, the candidate will need to follow the "Account verification/Request password" process to gain access to their account in the first instance. You should ensure that the content of the Reference request email in your system is worded appropriately (this may be amended by a Super User).

Step 3 - Candidate enters references
After clicking the link above, the candidate will be transferred to Advorto Reference and will be required to enter references covering the period you require, e.g. covering the last 3 years (this period is configurable).

Candidates are expected to select the relevant reference type based on what they were doing during each period of time.

All the boxes will turn yellow once references have been entered which cover the entire period required.

Step 4 - Candidate submits references
Once referees have been entered covering the required period and all data is valid, the candidate will be able to submit the form. This triggers emails to be immediately sent to the nominated Referees and the status of the candidate in the Advorto Backoffice will automatically update to indicate that the candidate has responded.

In addition, a process is triggered at this point to move the candidate to the next status folder - "Referees submitted" (or equivalent).

Step 5 - Referees receive emails
Referees will receive an email, similar to the below with a link/button in to allow them to submit the reference.

N.B. Chaser emails will be automatically sent to referees who don't respond. There are three automated chasers - first chaser is sent after 24 hours, second chaser after 48 hours and a final chaser after 1 week.

Step 6 - Referees complete the reference response or confirm that are not able to
A referee is able to respond either "I can't do this", in which case they will be asked for the reason why; or will complete the relevant reference form (based on the type of reference).

Step 7 - Referee submits their response
An acknowledgement message is displayed once the referee responds.

Step 8 - Either Managers or Recruiters are notified when each reference is returned
Whenever a referee responds, an email will be sent from Advorto Reference to the relevant role on the vacancy (usually configured to be either the Recruiter or the Hiring Manager) to notify them that a reference has been received.

Step 9 - All References received
When a response is received from the last referee, a process is trigged in the Advorto Backoffice. This process will move the candidate to the "All references received" (or equivalent) status.

This process may also be configured to email the Hiring Manager and/or the Recruiter on the vacancy to let them know that all references have now been received as well.

Step 10 - Check status of candidates in referencing
Your system will have a view in the Backoffice and in the User portal to allow you to track the status of candidates during the referencing process. At minimum, this view shows:

  • The candidate name
  • Date reference requested
  • Whether the candidate has responded
  • Number of referees contacted
  • Number of responses received

Backoffice view:

User portal view:

Step 11 - Review references
When references are received, Recruiters or Managers may click the link or icon to access a page which will allow the full responses to be reviewed.

e.g. The "Referencing" link in the User portal screenshot above or a "Compulsory checks", "Vetting" or "Referencing" icon in the Backoffice -  (icon may vary)

Click the "View response" (or equivalent) link to view the response for a reference that has been returned.

Step 11 - Requesting alternative references
If any referees provided by the candidate are unacceptable or if you need to request alternative references, e.g. when a referee indicates that they are unable to respond, you may do this by clicking through to Advorto Reference.

Click the button (as shown on the screenshot above) to open Reference and then click the "Request more references" button.

A message will then be displayed reminding you to call the candidate to explain the new references you require and why.

Step 12 - Accepting references
Click the "View response" link to view completed responses.

All valid responses, whether an "I can't do this" response or otherwise, should be accepted to complete the process. Click the "Accept reference" button at the bottom of the review form to accept each reference.

Step 13 - All references accepted
When all references have been accepted, this triggers a process to be run automatically in the Advorto Backoffice.

This process will progress the candidate to "Referencing complete" and may in addition trigger emails to either the candidate or agent who submitted the candidate and/or the Recruiter and/or the Hiring Manager confirming that referencing stage has been completed.

Step 14 - Record vetting decisions
Depending on the process configured in your system, at this point, it may be a case of just clicking relevant icons or doing relevant folder moves to record a Proceed/Regret decision to move the candidate to an unconditional offer (or equivalent) stage or to withdraw an offer on the basis of references.

Other clients may have a more involved process at this stage, requiring Recruiters or Managers to record the fact that they have verified each reference and to enter a pass/fail decision for each one for audit purposes. This may also include the requirement to complete a number of other compulsory checks prior to recording an overall vetting outcome.

Please refer to your dedicated process documentation or local Advorto Super User/Administrator for more information.

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