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NEW FEATURE: Improved input of phone numbers
A new dedicated telephone number entry field, with an in-built country code selector, is now available to be used in any fields where a telephone number needs to be captured. System standard fields, such as candidate mobile number will be updated automatically and other telephone number fields in client systems will be updated over the coming weeks.

NEW FEATURE: Star rating field type
This is a new field type designed to support quick, easy and more visual entry of rating decisions on both PCs and mobile devices, based on selection of a one or more stars. This field can be used in place of radio button ratings, for example, and displays a number of stars (the number being configurable).

NEW FEATURE: Ability to add custom CSS for default brands
Improvement to the branding/design functionality to allow ad hoc custom CSS to be easily added where required to effect small changes in the look and feel of the Advorto standard designs, which aren't supported directly in the standard template designs.

NEW FEATURE: In-line registration on internal candidate form
In-line registration is now supported on the internal application form. This allows the registration section to be displayed in-line on another page of the application form, which can make the candidate application experience seem slicker/shorter.

NEW FEATURE: Additional layout options for read-only fields
Enhancement to allow data displayed in read-only mode, e.g. on printable views, to be set to display the label either above or to the left of the data.

SECURITY ENHANCEMENT: Add autocomplete="false" to all password and login fields

Security enhancement to set all relevant login and password fields to be autocomplete="false", in order to prevent user login details from being completed or suggested automatically in some browsers. This is of particular importance for users or candidates using computers which are used by individuals other than themselves, where you wouldn't want login information to be available to unauthorised users.

Alternative text for star rating field values
This feature allows a text value to be assigned to each selectable option, based on the number of selected stars. The text value will be displayed to the right of the star fields, making it clear what has been selected.

Note that the text of the value for each number of selected stars is fully configurable.

Show alternative text next to stars in read-only mode
When a star rating field is displayed on a printable view in read-only format, the value associated with the currently selected number of stars will be displayed to the right of the star list, making it clear what has been selected.

Star rating print version for PDF views
This change related to the new Star rating control and involved ensuring that the star rating outcome would be displayed in a nice way when used on printable views as well as printing sensibly.

Help maintain focus state after partial postback
Under certain circumstances, a page sometimes does not return to the same location after performing an action which causes a post-back, such as uploading a document. An improvement has been made to try and help avoid this. This is also expected to help improve the experience for keyboard users by making keyboard focus positions more consistent with expected behaviour.

Improvement to display of field validation errors when multiple warnings are displayed
Previously, where more than one field validation error message was displayed in connection with a particular field, the messages would be displayed side by side, which looked messy in some designs. This has been updated to display each message on a new line which will improve the look and feel of forms where this occurs.

User portal

NEW FEATURE: Intro text for various User portal lists
It is now possible to include some standard text above the lists of candidates, vacancies, requisitions and users on the various pages in the User portal.

Domain restriction error on User portal Registration page
The error message associated with registering on the User portal using an email address with an invalid domain was not appearing in the correct place. This has been resolved.

Updates to some User portal pages to match the new markup style

Improvements to the Add Candidate and Edit person pages to be in-keeping with the latest Advorto HTML structure.

User portal registration errors overlapping/cut off issues
Adjustment to correct overlapping and alignment of field validation messages on the User portal Register page.

Edit vacancy link
The "Edit vacancy" link in the User portal was not possible to hide, even when users did not have access to edit vacancies. This link may now be hidden entirely from the User portal if required.

Issue resolved related to last link on list pages
If the last link in each row of a list in the User portal was not enabled, an error was caused. This issue has now been resolved.


NEW FEATURE: Switch candidate between being Direct (external) and Internal (employee)
A new standard page is now available, either to link to or as an action icon, which will allow Backoffice users to switch a candidate account between being an external candidate and an internal candidate/employee.

FEATURE CHANGE: Editing vacancy with deleted user no longer assigns current user
Where a user who was assigned to a role on a vacancy was deleted and another existing active user subsequently edited the vacancy, the system used to automatically assign the currently logged in user to the missing role. This was resulting in incorrect users being assigned to vacancy roles as users did not realise that this was happening. The functionality has been changed so the currently logged in user is no longer assigned automatically and a user must now be selected to replace the deleted user in order to save a change to a vacancy.

Note that when doing a user role assignment using the bulk action menu on the vacancies page, if a user assigned to any of the other roles has been deleted (other than the one you are assigning), the vacancy will update to have no user selected.

NEW FEATURE: Improve reliability of PDF generation and improvements to PDF error logging
Enhancement to the PDF generation mechanism to automatically attempt to regenerate a PDF a second time if the resulting PDF is only a single page (which would indicate in most cases that the full PDF didn't fully generate correctly).

If the generation still fails the second time, this will now automatically be logged so the Advorto team will be notified of problem documents and may take action to track the reasons for the PDF generation failures and to allow future improvements as well as being able to either notify the client or resolve as required.

This feature needs to be turned on for clients individually as required. Prior to this being enabled, it's important to check whether PDFs are consistently expected to be more than one page long, as if the printable view for a client is usually one page only, this feature should not be enabled.

Bug stopping Open Marketplace button from working in IE
Fix to correct an issue occurring in older versions of Internet Explorer that prevented the Marketplace pop-up page from opening.

Candidate portal

NEW FEATURE: Single page application forms
Allow a single page application form to be supported, which includes killer questions and where all fields, including registration fields, may be displayed all on one single page. Previously the system required at least one application form page post-vacancy eligibility questions. This is now no longer the case.

NEW FEATURE: Introduction page for top-up forms now supported
An Introduction page may now be implemented, if required, on top-up forms.

NEW FEATURE: Add ability for in-line registration to send an email with a set password link
Improvement to the in-line registration functionality to allow candidates to choose whether they want to set a password at the point of registration or to be sent an email to allow them to do this later. This allows a slicker, easier submission process.

NEW FEATURE: Situational judgement test (SJT) questions now support rich text styling, images and video
This new functionality allows clients to style the scenario questions as well as add images and video to SJT questions. Previously only plain text scenario questions were supported.

The Advorto system is able to host SJTs at no cost to clients and these may be implemented as part of an application form or post-submission as a top-up form. Not sure what an SJT is? Click here to find out more.

Alert icon not showing in action required box
The "Action(s) required" alert box in the Candidate portal was missing an icon, resulting in a blank image being displayed for some clients. The icon will now be displayed.

Add test audit to the candidate Action(s) required (Marketplace) page
Update to the "Action(s) required" (Marketplace) page in the Candidate portal to show actions which have been previously completed via third party providers who are integrated with Advorto Marketplace.

It is expected that this will help, in particular, to provide an explanation to candidates and to system users mimicking candidates when a candidate is inadvertently invited to complete the same assessment for a second time - the page will now clearly show which assessments have previously been completed.

Show error to candidates when loading Marketplace test has failed
Improvement to the "Action(s) required" page to make candidates aware when an error has been returned from a particular third party provider.

Previously the "Awaiting..." spinning wheel message would continue to be displayed in this scenario and the candidate would not be aware that an error had occurred.

A clear error message will now be displayed to the candidate, along with a link which will enable them to notify either the client or Advorto Support about the problem, as in this scenario the client may not be aware that an issue has occurred with a third party for a particular candidate.

Vacancy eligibility page keeps being displayed when in-line registration is configured
Where in-line registration was configured in a client's system, in certain circumstances, the Vacancy Eligibility page would be displayed again, either when re-logging in as the candidate or when a Backoffice user mimicked a person/candidate. This issue has been resolved, so this will no longer occur.

Registration choices for in-line registration
Improvements to the candidate experience on forms using in-line registration to allow users to login if an account already exists with their email address; or to register and either enter a password immediately or register and enter a password later to make the application process as quick and easy as possible.

Stop using update panels to check email for in-line registration
Improvement to the in-line registration system behaviour at the point the check whether the email entered is for an existing user or not happens. In-line registration is where registration is configured to happen on a page other than the standard Login/Register page, which can make application forms seem shorter and simpler to candidates.

Removal of additional space beneath the in-line registration password field
Correction to remove an unnecessary white space beneath the in-line Registration password field.

In-line registration password fields are lost after a partial postback
Correction for the in-line registration mechanism to ensure that the email field is checked on page load and after partial postbacks to ensure that the correct password fields are always rendered.

Assessment slots table
Improvements to the styling of the assessment slot table to match the new candidate portal styling and responsive behaviour (i.e. slot selection will now work nicely on mobile devices for systems using one of Advorto's standard template brands or where a client has provided a compatible custom design).

Confirmed assessment slot view
Improvement to the styling for the assessment slot confirmation notification to be more prominent and to be more in-keeping with the updated styling within the candidate portals

Layout of forgotten password form
Improvement to the layout of the Forgotten Password form to be in-keeping with the latest markup structure used for the rest of the Candidate Portal.

Topup form summary styling
Improvement to the Summary table styling displayed on the Summary page on top-up forms for the standard Advorto careers site branding themes.

Marketplace "Please wait" loading message style
Enhancement to the "Please wait" spinning circle message styling for standard Advorto template themes. This is the box and message which is displayed when a candidate clicks through to complete an action required, when the action is serviced via a third party integrated with Advorto Marketplace

Positive/Negative indicator control style
Improvements to the styling for "Postive/Negative indicator" fields in the standard Advorto careers site brand templates.

Improve styling of SJTs
Improvements to the styling of Situational Judgement Tests in the standard careers site branding templates.

Limit width of main logo on mobile to prevent overlapping menu opener
Where a client has a particularly wide logo, this will now scale nicely on mobile devices for clients using any of the standard Advorto template careers site designs. Previously, it was possible for the logo to overlap the mobile menu opener icon, so this will now no longer happen.

In-line registration control when viewing/editing candidate as a user
Enhancement to the in-line registration mechanism to deal with candidates being added by users. The in-line registration fields will now no longer be displayed a second time (as these are entered on the initial "Add candidate" page).

Display of wide items on the vacancy details page
Improvement to the standard Advorto designs/themes to ensure that the "Wide" layout style (displays labels above fields, rather than to the left of fields) will be correctly displayed in the latest Advorto standard design templates.

Hide mobile navigation trigger when navigation is empty for Advorto Clean/Basic themes
Improvement to the "Advorto Clean" and "Advorto Basic" themes to hide the main (top) navigation trigger in mobile view if there is no main navigation.

Hide side navigation trigger when side navigation is empty for Advorto Clean/Basic themes
Improvement to the "Advorto Clean" and "Advorto Basic" themes to hide the side navigation trigger in mobile view if there is no side navigation.

Internal candidate portal - should be taken to dashboard on login
Improvement to the Internal candidate portal candidate experience to be consistent with the external candidate experience when logging in.

Agency portal

Hide agency register link when registration is disabled
This is an improvement/simplification to the Agency portal navigation. Previously, the Registration link was still being displayed in the Agency portal, even when agent registration was disabled (although the link just took the agent to the login page). Now, if agency registration is disabled, the link will now no longer appear at all.


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