How do I add a new question to my killer/competency question bank or edit an existing one?

This is a feature available to Super Users only. If you are not a Super User, you should speak to one of your local Super Users to discuss the change. They may then action the request on your behalf.


If your configuration includes banks of killer or competency questions, you can manage these lists yourself.

Configuration changes are only possible when there are no other outstanding changes currently on your Test or Staging systems, so you may see a message warning that you are currently unable to make changes. Wait until all outstanding changes have been published prior to making your change.

Things to know and watch out for when editing classifier options

  • When adding or renaming an option, always check that the option you are adding or renaming to doesn't already exist in the list.

  • Do not include any leading or trailing spaces - double check this by clicking your cursor at the end of the text you've entered prior to saving.

  • When deleting classifier options, you will be required to select a remaining option to which any data classified with the option you are deleting will be migrated to. The system will automatically migrate any data for you, but you should double check that you select the right option as this can NOT be undone, once the data is migrated.

  • If you have a multi-lingual system and the classifier is used on candidate-facing pages as well, notify Advorto Support of the changes/additions you've made and provide the required translations so these may be added/updated as well.

Making changes to killer/competency question bank (Super Users only)

  • Go to the Settings page in the Backoffice
  • Under the "Your system" heading, click the Manage classifiers option
  • Click Edit items for the question list you want to make a change to
  • To rename an existing option, click Edit item
  • To delete an option, click Delete item
  • To add a new option, click Add item
  • If deleting an option, you will be prompted to select one of the remaining options to which you want any existing data to be migrated to
  • Double check the change you've made and review the points in the above section
  • Click Save when you're done
  • It may take up to a minute or more to publish your configuration change through to all systems (Test, Staging and Live). Don't close your browser window or navigation away until the "In progress" message has gone
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