SSL (data encryption)

What is SSL?

This is a protocol which encrypts data in transit between our server and users' browsers and helps to ensure the security of your data. You'll know when you're using a website using SSL as the URL will start with https://, rather than http:// and you'll see the padlock icon (or similar) in your browser to let you know that the site is secure.

  • All systems that hosted on the “*” domain are secured with an SSL certificate as standard. These is usually in the form of an “” – where the “xxxx” part is the server that your system is hosted on. There is nothing you need to do to ensure your data and that of your candidates is being transmitted securely.
  • If you use a Custom URL for your Candidate Portal, then you must buy an SSL certificate. Please contact your technical account manager or raise a support ticket as we'll need to create a "Certificate Request" for you to complete the purchase with your certificate vendor. For Custom URLs it is your responsibility for purchasing the certificate as well as any certificate renewals needed. Typically, we would need the new certificate within 30 days (ideally longer) of the old one expiring.  
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