4.5.27 Release notes - 8 March 2016

Advorto release notes - 4.5.27

Candidate portal

Improved candidate portal user interface for users who are logged into the Backoffice whilst looking at the Candidate portal
As the Candidate portal knows when a user is logged into the Backoffice, some functionality is different or disabled. In particular the "Apply now" button on vacancies is deactivated, which caused confusion for some users. A message will now appear to inform users why the button is disabled.

Update to job alert preferences page to handle deleted categories
A bug has been fixed which would cause the preferences page to error when a classification option previously selected by a candidate was deleted from the system.

Update to vacancy count by classifier feature
This feature has been updated to avoid an occasional error happening any longer.

Backoffice/User portal

Update to Cancel button on "Close previous pop-up?" warning message
An issue has been fixed where a second pop-up was still opening even when the Cancel button was clicked on the warning message.

Update to font used in comms previews
The font has been updated to improve the look of the preview page for emails, SMS, etc.

Requisition form display/read-only content
The text displayed at the top of the requisition form may now be more easily managed and supports fields being shown/hidden based on data in other fields as well as standard warning, notification and guidance box styles.

Agent telephone number now visible when a new agent is added
There was an issue where it would appear as though the telephone number for an agent was not saved when adding a new agent in the Backoffice. This has been fixed.

Update to user form page title
The page title used to be "Add user", however as this page is also used for editing existing users, this heading has been updated.


Single-sign-on (SSO) to Agency portal from Marketplace Vendor portal
Marketplace agency users are now able to access a client's agency portal via SSO directly from the Marketplace Vendor portal to view their authorised vacancies and to submit and track candidates.

Improvements to error logging
This allows issues to be more easily tracked and rectified.

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