Follow Release notes - 23 February 2016

Advorto release notes -

Update to candidate portal vacancy search functionality

Fixed an issue with the vacancy count by classifier function. This is used by some clients on their careers pages to give counts of vacancies by certain classifiers with a link which may be clicked on to view the relevant vacancies, e.g. by location or department, etc.

Function to fully deactivate the Internal candidate portal

Although not used by some clients, all systems previously included pages for the internal candidate portal page as standard, even when not configured fully. The system will now no longer publish the web pages associated with this area of the system at all if not used.

Title field on Agent registration form now supports a drop-down list

Fixed an issue with the Title field on the Agent registration form to allow that field to be configured to use a drop-down list, rather than a free-text box.

Generate CV from LinkedIn profile feature not to be used by Recruitment agencies

The "Use LinkedIn profile" function available for uploading a CV will now not be available to recruitment agents submitting candidates via the Agency portal to ensure that recruitment agents provide the full candidate CV.

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