How to order and configure your new Advorto Campaign Edition system

Advorto Campaign Edition is a flexible, instantly-deployed, mobile-friendly Recruitment Management System configured to meet the challenges of volume recruitment campaigns. It comprises:

  • A candidate portal where one or more roles can be advertised, and applications made
  • A “backoffice” where the recruitment team can manage applications through various screening stages and communicate with candidates

Download the attached document Advorto Campaign Edition Basic Information for guidance on the information you will need to configure this system.

1. Backoffice log in


 We’ve added your first user to the system, so just go to e.g. and request a new password, or log in with the password already provided.


2. Click the ‘Settings’ tile or icon (nb you can also add any additional users from the settings menu, as well as edit your email templates by following the relevant links).

  3. Click ‘Manage classifiers’

  • Click 'Edit items' or 'Add item' against 'Killer questions' until you’ve added all the ones you’ll need.
  • Add intake options here in the same way if required, e.g. "2016-2017", “2017-2018”
  • In addition to the competency questions and "Why us?" questions (which we will add to the system shortly), you may add any additional questions you want to include here.
  • If you choose to include them, these questions will appear in a separate section on the 'Your Experiences' page in the application form, with text boxes where candidates can supply their responses.

 4. Click ‘Manage application form lists'


  • Most of these lists are pre-populated with sensible options. However, you may wish to add or edit items in ‘MediaSource’ for example


Activating an additional 'preference' question for candidates

If you wish to provide a list of options (e.g. preferred locations) for candidates to choose from within the application form, again, click 'Manage application form lists' and add the required options to the 'CareerPreference' list you can see in the screenshot above.

Now, on the vacancy edit page, check 'Yes' against 'Do you want to enable programme preferences?':


The question will then appear in the candidate application form on the 'Why us?' page. Mimic a candidate or run a test application through to check this appears as required:




Create and publish your vacancies

1.   On the 'Vacancies' tab, click ‘Add New Vacancy’ (the link at the top left of the screen), or edit an existing vacancy by clicking the 'Edit' icon in the Functions column.

2. Having set up the "Killer questions" and "Additional questions" in the section above, you can now select the ones you want to include when candidates apply to each role

3. Paste or type your competency questions and "Why us?" questions into each text box on the vacancy as required

4. As described above, selecting 'Yes' against 'Do you want to enable programme preferences?' will add a question to the application form 'Please select your preference'

The options in the dropdown list will be as configured above in 'Application form lists'

Backoffice vacancy edit page:


Test the candidate experience

1. Visit the candidate portal e.g. https://eu1.advorto/acmewidgets.

2. Within a few seconds of creating and saving, your new vacancy should be live, and you can click ‘View’ and ‘Apply’.

Nb before attempting to run candidates through, you will need to log out of the Advorto backoffice, otherwise the ‘Apply’ link will be disabled.

 3. Register and run through the application form to confirm the killer questions, competency questions, ‘Why us?’ questions and any additional questions appear as expected.

4. Submit your test candidate, log into the backoffice and check your candidate is in 'New candidates'. Click the printable view and check that you can see all the responses you supplied when applying.

5. Delete your test candidates when testing is complete to ensure accurate reporting.

6. When you are happy with the system, share the link to the live candidate portal with the necessary people eg:

  • Your IT team for adding to their website
  • Social media – eg LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • Jobboards
  • Any other media
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