Assessment/Interview scheduler - sequential slots only feature

Restrict candidates to only be able to select sequential slots

This feature, when enabled and where slots are vacancy-specific, restricts candidates to only being able to select sequential slots on any particular day. i.e. The slot immediately before or immediately after slots which have already been selected by other candidates.

This is intended to help to ensure that interviewer resource is used as efficiently as possible where required, rather than allowing candidates to book slots in an ad-hoc manner with interviewers having large gaps in between interviews.

Please contact Advorto Support or your Account Manager if you are interested in enabling this feature for any of your assessment series.

Functionality and system behaviour

The functionality includes:

  • Function to enable an Assessment/Interview Series as "Sequential slots only" (configured by the Advorto Support team)

  • Functionality applies to vacancy-specific slots only

  • Once enabled, a new option will be visible on the slot add/edit page to allow users to override the restriction for specific slots if required, so a slot may be set to still be visible for candidates to select even if not sequential

  • In a sequential slots-only series, the first candidate who books a vacancy-specific slot via the Candidate portal will be able to choose any slot on that day (i.e. before any slots on a particular day have been selected by anyone else)

  • Subsequent candidates logging in to the Candidate portal to book slots will only be able to select the vacancy-specific slot either immediately before or immediately after slots that have already been selected


This functionality only applies to slots in a "Sequential slots-only" series where the slots are vacancy-specific and on any one particular day.

  • If vacancy-specific slots are added that span two or more days, after the first candidate has chosen a slot on one day, although the second candidate will be restricted to sequential slots only on that day, they may still choose any slot on the other days.

    i.e. The sequential slot only rule only kicks in once a slot has been selected on each day. Once the first slot has been selected on any one day, subsequently selected slots on those days will then be restricted to sequential selection.

  • Any available slots which are configured as available to all vacancies (i.e. are not vacancy-specific) are excluded from the sequential slots rule and will always be selectable.

  • Any available slots which are configured to override the sequential slot restriction on the slot add/edit page will always be available to select.
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