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Advorto release notes -


Improvements to vacancy document functionality
A number of improvements and minor fixes have been applied to the vacancy document upload and download functions. e.g. Uploading documents with file names which include commas or semicolons will no longer cause errors.

Vacancy notes field no longer required when displayed
A previous update caused this standard system field to be a required field (in line with all the other standard system fields). This has been reverted to not being required.

Update to Journal entry page
The "To" field is now hidden to make it clearer that journal entries are not sent to candidates.

Vacancy edit form and Requisition edit form size and style now consistent
There were some minor style/size differences between these two forms. These are now the same.

Changes to vacancies now available immediately on careers sites
There used to be a delay before edits to vacancies would appear on the various portals (Internal/External candidate portal, Agency portal, User portal). Changes will now appear immediately as soon as the vacancy is saved.

Fix to read-only requisition views
Fields which are available to edit in requisition edit mode are no longer displayed when the requisition view is in read-only mode.

New styles available for use on User portal/Backoffice pop-ups (e.g. Screening forms)
The following new styles are available for text/html on form pages:

  • Information/Guidance - Content displayed in a box with orange background
  • Notification - Content displayed in a box with green background
  • Warning - Content displayed in a box with red background

The Notification and Warning styles will also now be used as standard for success/fail messages after clicking a process button, e.g. Submit screening form.

Fixed minor flicker in Backoffice main navigation
When refreshing/loading Backoffice pages, the options from the top-right side of the screen were briefly flickering behind the main top navigation the left. This no longer occurs.

Fix to minor issue with multi-lingual vacancy feeds
Some stray text designating the language used was appearing outside the XML fields in feeds on multi-lingual systems. This no longer occurs.

Email templates with attachments now able to be self-service
There was an issue amending email templates with attachments via the self-service global email template update functionality, which has been resolved. Email templates with attachments may now be enabled as self-service.

Candidate portal

Occasional error on logging in fixed
In certain rare scenarios, candidates could see an error directly after logging into the system when following links to specific pages behind the login. This has now been addressed with candidates being taken to the dashboard instead.


Improvements to Marketplace integrations data save fail-safes
In some cases, data from third parties was not making it back to the Advorto system. This has been updated so the system will re-try a number of times if the data is not received.

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