Marketplace: 10-02-2016 release notes

Changes and updates

Client Portal - vendor response page not showing result
Assessment products will now show the assessment Url on the Vendor response page even if the assessment product isn’t configured to show any responses.

MP-232, Client Api > Search functionality added
The Client Api has had new search functionality added that will allow Agency products to be searched and filtered against. 

There is now an endpoint in the Client.Api for searching for Agency products

  • api/search/agencyproducts

This method requires form data posted to it that contains the following fields:

  • String: TextFilter
  • int?: LocationId
  • int?: JobCategoryId
  • Categories?: Category (Maps to an enum so value can be valid string or int)
  • int: PageSize
  • int: StartIndex

The following endpoints have been added to return look ups that aid in the Agency product search fields:

  • Locations (api/search/locations): List of available locations
  • JobCategories(api/search/jobcategories): List of available job categories
  • ProductCategory(api/search/productcategory): List of available product categories
  • Capabilities(api/search/capabilities): List of available capabilities


Bug fixes

Previously Used Agency not showing all agencies
Fixed an issue where in some situations the Previously Used Agency not showing all agencies.

Client Portal - previously used Agencies "Show All" button doesn't filter
Previously Used Agency > Show All button will now show all recently used Agencies. Previously this was just showing all available Agencies.


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