Marketplace: 19-01-2016 release notes

Changes and updates

Database optimisation
The Product searching performance has been improved and should now be much more responsive when filtering and searching. 

Agency profile update
To simplify the user experience for Agency vendors, the left menu option to create/edit Retained hire product has been removed. In addition, the ability to upload a Product Logo has been hidden. 

Update to agency product tile UI
There have been changes to the Product tile that appears in the Client portal. It now shows information about the lowest rate, including the Sectors and Job Categories covered by the rate, and the total available rates.

Removed rate list page 
The Rate list page has now been removed as it was deemed confusing to clients.

Contact vendor form
A new form has been added to the bottom of all Assessment Vendor product pages to allow vendors who work with a consultancy model to still have a presence on Marketplace. 


Bug fixes

Fixed a bug in the Client portal where the sort order of the "Previously used Agencies" on the Dashboard page was incorrect.

Fixed a bug in the Vendor portal when viewing client transactions whereby the incorrect transaction data was sometimes showing.


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