4.5.26 Release notes - 15 February 2016

Advorto release notes - 4.5.26 (Candidate portal redesign)

This release has major improvements to the way the candidate portal will look on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It also introduces two new default brands allowing minor customisation of colours without requiring a fully custom branded system. Examples of what such a system would look like may be seen at the bottom of this article.

If your system has a custom brand, you will see no difference and unfortunately will not benefit from the mobile improvements until your brand has been adjusted by your designers to take advantage of them. Please contact your account manager if this is something you are interested in pursuing.

In addition to the above, a number of minor issues have been addressed.

No longer possible to withdraw application when in a terminal folder
It was previously possible to withdraw an application in a folder that was marked as terminal, which was meaningless as the candidate had already reached the end of the process. This function will no longer appear for candidates in terminal folders.

First option in drop down list on internal portal search page now shows correctly
This was previously blank rather than showing "Please select", "All" or similar.

Validation on pop-up pages no longer disappears behind menu
Fixed a minor style issue on pop-up pages (e.g. screening forms, interview feedback forms, offer forms, etc.), where the error message shown when trying to save an incomplete form was appearing behind the top menu.

Ability to have an automatically updating year at the bottom of page
This functionality, often requested for copyright notices, was previously updated manually, but is now automatic.

Length of text associated with a list of check boxes
It was previously possible to click on the empty space next to a check box and inadvertently select the check box.


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