4.5.25 Release notes - Q4 2015-Q1 2016 (Backoffice rebrand)

Advorto release notes - 4.5.25

This is a significant release which introduces a more modern look and feel to the Backoffice. As such, this release will be introduced to clients in a staged roll-out from Q4 2015 to February 2016. Comms will be sent to system Super Users for each client with more information and specific release dates.


Look and feel update
The look and feel of the Advorto Backoffice (Recruiter Tools) has been overhauled to be more modern with a lighter style. There are also new icons, other general visual improvements and bug fixes. See the attached PDF file at the end of this article for a high level overview of the changes.

New form for adding and editing vacancies
The vacancy form has been redesigned to order fields in a more logical way and be more usable in systems with more than one language. The requisition edit and add candidate forms have also been redesigned to keep the style of all these forms consistent.

Improved print styles for pop-up pages (e.g. Screening, Offer, etc.)
Pop-up pages opened from list pages will now look better when printed. Items such as buttons will be hidden and the full text of content entered in single or multi-line text boxes will be visible.

Bulk vacancy status change user audit
Changing the status of one or more vacancies using the bulk action menu on the Vacancies page now saves the user that performed the change.

Resolved issue with unsubmitted link on home page
Clicking the unsubmitted candidates link on the Backoffice home page and then sending an email to all candidates would previously select some wrong (submitted) candidates. This issue has been addressed.

Candidate portal

LinkedIn CV upload reinstated
The CV upload feature now once again supports automatic retrieval of basic information from LinkedIn (if this feature is configured on your system).

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