Follow Release notes - 7 December 2015

Advorto release notes -

Self-service updates

Fixed a bug with saving super users that meant they didn't have access to self service until Advorto intervened.

Fixed an issue where on saving a self-service update the page would go blank or error after one minute.

Fixed an issue where the System.FrontEndUrl merge field stopped email templates from being saved.

Modified the Classifier self-service page to ensure classifier items were ordered alphabetically.

Other updates

Fixed an issue with the candidate-facing vacancy search where jobs could not be searched for if they had multiple classifier items selected.

Increased the file size limit for document uploads in the backoffice from 4mb to 100mb to allow for larger terms and conditions to be uploaded against agencies.

Updated the push-back services from some test providers to include enhanced error handling to allow us to spot and respond to any issues quickly.


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