How do I see the audit trail of the original requisition after it has been published as a vacancy?

This feature is coming soon as a link from the vacancy audit page (where a requisition exists). In the meantime, you may easily access the original requisition audit trail for any particular vacancy as follows:

  1. Select an existing Vacancy View, which includes the Requisition ID field, so you can see the requisition ID for all your vacancies. Create yourself a new personal view if necesary
  2. Hit Ctrl+N to open a new browser window in the same session as your current Backoffice browser session
  3. Enter the following URL, replacing the relevant bits with the URL of your system as indicated:


  • YourBackofficeURL is the base URL of your Backoffice, i.e. the same thing you see in the browser address bar where you have the Backoffice open.
    e.g. or

  • xxxxx is the Requisition ID of the vacancy you want to see the requisition audit trail for
    e.g. For a vacancy with the requisition ID of 12345 of our EU1 server, the full URL would be:
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