Why is my candidate's application form incomplete?

Have you found that all the fields you normally expect to be completed aren't visible on the printable view of a candidate's application? There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Was the candidate added by a Recruiter/Manager?
    When Recruiters or Managers add candidates to vacancies manually, they are not required to complete the full application form. The only required fields are those captured at registration and any fields at the eligibility stage(s). This may result in potentially all other fields on the application form being blank.

    Use the Edit candidate application form responses option on the Edit page (View candidate file > Edit) in the Backoffice to add further data if required.

  2. Did the candidate fail killer questions?
    Check the candidate's audit trail and see if they were originally moved to the killer questions failed (or gross negative disqualifier (GND) failed) folder on submission and then out of that folder again by a system user.

    Candidates who fail killer questions don't get asked to complete the entire application form (as it would be a waste of their time).

    If you want to progress a candidate who failed at this stage, you should use the relevant Reset eligibility option on the Edit page (View candidate file > Edit) to allow the candidate to change their responses to the killer questions and then complete the full application form.

  3. Do you have multiple application form types?
    Some clients have multiple application forms, e.g. a long form and a short form; or the forms for agency applications and/or internal applications may capture less information than direct applications.

    If this is the case for you, normally the system will be configured so you don't get blank fields, but entire sections of the form may just not be displayed on the printable view at all. This is nothing to be concerned about, provided that scenarios 1 or 2 above don't apply.
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