Why can't candidates see any interview slots or see slots for the wrong vacancy?

There are a few possible reasons for this. Please check the following:

  1. Has the candidate been invited to an interview series?
    Check the audit trail for the candidate and confirm that the relevant series appears in the Assessment event audit section. If not, use the relevant process to invite the candidate or invite the candidate manually to the required series, using the "Assessment" option in the Candidate page bulk action menu.

  2. Does the interview series have slots which are in the window of slot visibility?
    There is a moving window of slot visibility for candidates and they may only see available slots within this window. Typically, this window is set to allow candidates to see slots from the current date to up to 3-4 weeks in the future. The end of the window is to encourage candidates to book into earlier slots first, with further slots becoming visible as time progresses.

    Note that this configuration is variable and set in your system setup. Please consult with your local Super User to confirm the window of visibility for your system.

    Super users, please contact Advorto Support if you don't already know your window of visibility or wish to make a change to it.

  3. Are there still available spaces in the slots within the window of visibility?
    Candidates may have already booked the available slots and you may need to add more. Check the Assessments tab in the Backoffice and select the relevant series. Filter the list to show you all the slots for your vacancy if you're using vacancy-specific slots and confirm slots are still available (i.e. the number of allocated candidates is less than the maximum for one or more slots).

  4. Do you have slots added which aren't assigned to a specific vacancy?
    Slots which aren't assigned to a specific vacancy (or vacancies) will appear for all vacancies. If you intend to use the assessment scheduler in a vacancy-specific way, just make sure you always add (the correct) vacancies to your slots. N.B. This happens automatically if you add slots to a vacancy from the Vacancies page.
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