How do I edit global email or SMS templates?

This is a feature available to Super Users only. If you are not a Super User, you should speak to one of your local Super Users to discuss the change. They may then action the request on your behalf.


The Advorto system allows existing email and SMS templates to be enabled in self-service mode. The content of the email subject, email or SMS body and email attachments may be amended. It's not currently possible to delete templates and functionality to allow brand new global templates to be added will be available in the future. Continue to raise a CR via the Support link in the Backoffice for template additions or deletions.

N.B. Configuration changes are only possible when there are no other outstanding changes currently on your Test or Staging systems, so you may see a message warning that you are currently unable to make changes. Wait until all outstanding changes have been published prior to making your change.

Things to know and watch out for when editing global email/SMS templates

  • It's not possible to change the template name - this is fixed as most email templates are linked to workflow configuration in your system.

  • The subject and body of the template should always be directly related to the template name - never change the content of a global template in a way that is different from it's original purpose, e.g. using a template named "Interview - invite" for anything other than inviting candidates to interview.

  • Use of merge fields - use the merge field selector to add merge fields to your templates and always copy and paste the merge field to be sure you are entering the correct one.

  • Links in email templates - in order to ensure that critical links are correct on your Test and Staging systems, as well as your live system, emails which include links back to the system may not be editable to avoid the risk of clients breaking them.

  • Typos and errors - these are global templates that everyone has access to and may be sent to lots of candidates, so double check your changes for errors and get a colleague to buddy your changes.

  • Always test your template changes to be sure they are correct - use the updated template to send an email/SMS and check the content using the preview feature (then cancel so no comms are sent).

  • Documents - you can currently only select existing actions or global documents as email attachments (ability to add new documents will be available in a future release).

  • If you have a multi-lingual system, don't forget to arrange for the content of the translated templates to be updated if appropriate as well.

Making changes to Global Email/SMS templates (Super Users only)

  • Go to the Settings page in the Backoffice
  • Under the "Documents and Templates" heading, click the Email templates or SMS templates option
  • Click Edit for the template you want to make a change to
  • Make your changes
  • Double check the changes you've made and review the points in the above section
  • Contact Advorto Support for advise if you're not 100% certain about what you are doing
  • Click Save when you're done
  • It may take up to a minute or more to publish your configuration change through to all systems (Test, Staging and Live) - don't close your browser window or navigation away until the "In progress" message has gone

Why isn't the template I want to change available for editing?

There are three possible reasons for this:

  1. You're not a Super User - speak to your local Super User.

  2. This feature is enabled on a per-template basis and the feature may not be turned on for the template you want to change. Speak to Advorto Support if the template you want to make a change to is not available.

  3. Some templates have critical links in. Where this is the case, Advorto may advise that the template is not enabled as self-service to ensure that changes made by clients do not break these links. In this case, you will be required to raise a CR with Advorto to make the required change instead.
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