How do I add, edit or delete options in list-based fields on candidate form pages?

This is a feature available to Super Users only. If you are not a Super User, you should speak to one of your local Super Users to discuss the change. They may then action the request on your behalf.


The Advorto system allows application form lists to be enabled in self-service mode. Application form lists are used for most fields with a fixed list of options on candidate application form pages, as well as post-submission data capture/feedback forms, such as screening forms, offer forms, etc. (Backoffice pop-up pages).

N.B. Configuration changes are only possible when there are no other outstanding changes currently on your Test or Staging systems, so you may see a message warning that you are currently unable to make changes. Wait until all outstanding changes have been published prior to making your change.

Things to know and watch out for when editing lists

  • Never delete all options in a list. The field the list is used for may be compulsory and a candidate or user may not be able to continue if they are unable to select a value for the field.

  • Difference between Item Text and Item Value - In the vast majority of cases, both Text and Value should be set to exactly the same thing, but this is not always the case. Text is what the Candidate/User sees when selecting an option on a form. Value is what is actually stored in the database (and will appear in Views/Reports). If you're not sure, don't guess - speak to Advorto Support.

  • When adding or renaming option, always check that the option you are adding or renaming to doesn't already exist in the list.

  • Do not include any leading or trailing spaces - double check this by clicking your cursor at the end of the text you've entered prior to saving.

  • Editing lists with the pipe symbol in:

    e.g Level 1 | Level 2

    This is the format used for cascading drop-down lists and the exact format of this type of list is important. Take care to include a single space either side of the pipe character.

  • When adding or editing options for cascading drop-down lists, make sure you don't enter invalid entries.

    e.g. If a list already has an entry for A | 1 | *, where * is anything else (may be a single option or multiple options with different third levels), you can't add a new option for just A | 1 (or rename an existing option to this) as this option would never be displayed due the the third level selection always being required.

  • Editing lists which include an "Other", "...(please specify)" or similar options. Whenever you see text such as this in either the Text or the Value, it is highly likely that the option may be used to show/hide additional field(s) to request further details, so if you want your new or updated option to ask for more details, you must stick with the expected format. Check with Advorto Support if you're not sure what you are doing.

  • Editing lists used for Candidate Source capture. It's common for a number of options in the source list to trigger additional fields, e.g. "Agency" or "Referral" may ask for details of which agency or who referred. Although adding new sources and deleting specific sources which are no longer used is fine, don't rename or make changes to any existing sources without consulting Advorto Support. Doing so may prevent required additional information from being captured or introduce reporting inconsistencies.

  • If you have a multi-lingual system and the list is used on candidate-facing pages as well, notify Advorto Support of the changes/additions you've made and provide the required translations so these may be added/updated as well.

Making changes to lists (Super Users only)

  • Go to the Settings page in the Backoffice
  • Under the "Your system" heading, click the Manage application form lists option
  • Click Edit items for the list you want to make a change to
  • To rename an existing option, click Edit item
  • To delete an option, click Delete item
  • To add a new option, click Add item
  • Double check the change you've made and review the points in the above section
  • Contact Advorto Support for advise if you're not 100% certain about what you are doing
  • Click Save when you're done
  • It may take up to a minute or more to publish your configuration change through to all systems (Test, Staging and Live). Don't close your browser window or navigation away until the "In progress" message has gone

Why isn't the list I want to change available for editing?

There are three possible reasons for this:

  1. You're not a Super User. Speak to your local Super User for advice.

  2. This feature is enabled on a per-list basis and the feature may not be turned on for the list you want to change. Speak to Advorto Support if the list you want to make a change to is not available.

  3. Some lists options have system logic based on them (e.g. to show or hide other fields; or used in candidate process queries). Where this is the case, Advorto may advise that the list is not enabled as self-service to ensure that changes made by clients do not break other associated configuration. In this case, you will be required to raise a CR with Advorto to make the required change instead.


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