Upcoming change to Advorto mail relay address (December 1st 2015)

Further to our instruction regarding the change to the Advorto Mail Relay address.

We will be running our mail servers in parallel for an extended period, therefore please do not remove the old IP address from your DNS record until after the 1st March 2016.

ATTENTION: See details below regarding changes to IP address that may need to be updated on your firewalls or mail servers. This updated will occur on December 1st 2015.

As an Advorto administrator, we want to inform you of actions you may need to take in order to prepare for a change of IP address in our European hosting infrastructure.

As part of our ongoing infrastructure investment programme we are moving our mail relay service from London to Ireland. As a result of this move there will be a change to the IP address of this service. Your IT department may have used these IP addresses for whitelisting on your mail relays or firewalls and as such when we make the change your whitelists will also need to be updated.

Our previous instructions for setting up whitelist addresses would have been to refer to the HOSTNAME of the mail relay ( and if this was followed exactly then you will not need to make a change. However, we understand that some clients may have whitelisted the actual IP address of the mail relay ( instead.

What action do I need to take if we have used the IP address not the HOSTNAME in our whitelist?

When the move happens this IP address will change to and you will need to have added this to your whitelist BEFORE December 1st 2015. You will need to keep the old and new IP addresses in your whitelist until after December 1st 2015. You can do this any time between now and then and we recommend that you do it as soon as practically possible.

Ideally, if you can, then we recommend referring to in your whitelist.

For more information

Please contact our support team on +44 20 7101 0338, by email or through the support function built in to your Advorto system.

For more information you should read our Knowledge Base article on recommended mail configuration:


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