4.5.21 Release notes - 24 July 2015

Client Portal 4.5.21 release notes

Back office user interface

IMPORTANT ENANCEMENT: Improvements and changes to system messages notification style
Feedback from various clients has led us to change the way system notifications work (the orange box that appears at the top of the screen when you run processes, move candidates to different folders, etc.). This has been replaced with a more modern form of pop-up notification style, which is consistent throughout the system.

This same style has been used for a number of enhancements available in this release. See below for more information.

“Are you sure?” warnings for various data deletion actions
The new notification style mentioned above has been implemented for the following data deletion actions, some of which did not previously ask users to confirm that they really wanted to delete something:

  • Delete requisition
  • Delete candidate
  • Delete user

This will help to avoid accidental deletions.

Improvement to “Transfer to vacancy” action
The transfer to vacancy feature has been made more intuitive, with the new notification style mentioned above appearing as soon as the new vacancy is selected, allowing users to check and confirm the transfer.

An issue where the transfer would fail if the selected vacancy had certain characters, e.g. quotes, in the vacancy title has also been resolved with the update to this feature.

GREAT NEW FEATURE: Multiple vacancy lists
This release introduces new functionality to allow clients to implement multiple vacancy search pages from a single Advorto system.

e.g. If Apprentice roles are managed in the same system as Experienced hire roles, a separate Apprentices vacancies page can now be added allowing searching and listing of only apprentice roles. The main search page can either include both or can exclude apprentice roles.

Enhancements to the Assessments module list pages
A number of areas have been improved here, including:

  • Candidates are now automatically allocated a slot and confirmed as part of selecting a slot manually, so users no longer a need to perform the two actions separately. This makes the confirm icon on this page redundant.
  • Improvements to the “Find candidates” function to only look for candidates in the relevant interview series for the applicable slot.
  • “Remove from slot” function now checks which series the slot is in. It can now be used if a candidate is in more than one series at the same time and hasn’t been completed for one of the series.
  • Improvements to the “Assign slot” function on the Candidates list page. It will only show the latest interview series, even if a candidate has not been fully completed in a previous interview series.
  • New notification style implemented when assigning or removing candidates from slots.

Delete candidate single action function
The delete candidate function is currently only available in the bulk actions menu. This may now also be configured as an option in the Functions column, enabling deletion of a single candidate from an icon click. The new “Are you sure?” notification message will then be displayed.

This feature may be made available to users in your client system administrator security group if required. Please contact Advorto Support if interested.

Bulk action check boxes on the Requisitions list page
These have been removed as there are currently no requisition bulk actions.

Universal login provider for the Backoffice
Advorto has a number of different systems, serving a wide variety of clients, which are hosted on various URLs, e.g.,, etc.

Clients who forget the URL often visit the Advorto corporate website looking for a way to login. This new application allows us to provide a login service on the main Advorto site. This will automatically hand users off to the relevant system (or systems), based on the system(s) with which they are a registered user.

Review links for some Marketplace integrations
Some third party integrations, such as video interviews, involve an Advorto user accessing a link to review information on the third party system, after the candidate has completed their stage of the process.

When visiting the page which displays the review link was visited before the candidate had completed the assessment, the page would give the impression that the review link was being requested when it wasn’t. This “please wait” message will now only be displayed when a candidate is in a valid “Review” status folder when the link is actually being requested.

Assessments series edit page no longer displayed
Assessment series are managed and deployed configuration as these are invariable fully tied in with the processes configured in a client’s system. This page is a legacy page, which has now been removed, which will reduce user confusion in relation to users having visibility of that page.


Improvements to date filtering on fields where not all data is a valid date
Some clients have a field which is mostly used to store a date, but which doesn’t enforce a date format, to allow users to type alternative text in. As the date was not validating, it was possible to enter a date in a dd/mm/yyyy format, which wasn’t actually a valid date, such as 00/00/0000 or 31/02/2015.

Reports would not previously return in Analytics with data in this format, but now will and any data with invalid dates, such as this will be excluded from the report. Clients may use the new “is not blank” filter introduced in the last release to check and correct any data which is not a valid date where required.

Fix to run-time report filtering
An issue which caused the run time report filtering to not work for some users has been addressed. Where run time report filtering is enabled on a report, users may filter the data after the report has been run. This includes users who are not the owner/creator of the report and can’t change the default filter settings themselves.

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