What merge fields can be used in requisition emails?

The following merge fields can be used in requisition emails - replace XXXX with the relevant classifier/text field/user/identity field, as per what is displayed after selecting a field in the email merge field drop-down list when composing a manual email.

  • {!Requisition.RequisitionId}
  • {!Requisition.Title}
  • {!Requisition.Classifier.XXXX}
  • {!RequisitionApplicationFormTextItem.XXXX}
  • {!User.XXXX}
  • {!Identity.XXXX}
  • {!Requisition.Notes}
  • {!FirstRequisitionStageUser.FullName}
  • {!FirstRequisitionStageUser.Email}
  • {!FirstRequisitionRequisitionStage.StageDateTime}
  • {!RequisitionStageAction.Name}
  • {!RequisitionRequisitionStageAction.ActionedDateTime}
  • {!RequisitionRequisitionStageAction.Notes}
  • {!RequisitionStageActionUser.FullName}
  • {!RequisitionStageActionUser.Email}
  • {!PreviousRequisitionStage.RequisitionStageId}
  • {!PreviousRequisitionStage.Name}
  • {!PreviousRequisitionStage.StageNumber}
  • {!RequisitionStage.RequisitionStageId}
  • {!RequisitionStage.Name}
  • {!RequisitionStage.StageNumber}
  • {!RequisitionStage.UserRoles}
  • {!RequisitionStage.UserNames}
  • {!RequisitionStage.UserEmails}
  • {!RequisitionStatus.RequisitionStatusId}
  • {!RequisitionStatus.Description}
  • {!RequisitionRequisitionStatus.StatusSetDate}
  • {!RequisitionStatusUser.FullName}
  • {!RequisitionStatusUser.Email}
  • {!RequisitionAssignedToUser.FullName}
  • {!RequisitionAssignedToUser.Email}
  • {!FirstStageSummaryData.StageName}
  • {!FirstStageSummaryData.ActionName}
  • {!FirstStageSummaryData.ActionedDateTime}
  • {!FirstStageSummaryData.ActionedUserEmail}
  • {!FirstStageSummaryData.ActionedUserName}
  • {!FirstStageSummaryData.ActionedNotes}
  • {!LastStageSummaryData.StageName}
  • {!LastStageSummaryData.ActionName}
  • {!LastStageSummaryData.ActionedDateTime}
  • {!LastStageSummaryData.ActionedUserEmail}
  • {!LastStageSummaryData.ActionedUserName}
  • {!LastStageSummaryData.ActionedNotes}

For Advorto use only:

In addition, in System Builder, any URLs should use the {!System.FrontEndUrl} merge field to generate relevant links where applicable, e.g. For a link to the user portal, {!System.FrontEndUrl}user for a link to

Requisition email templates and merge fields may also be checked here, replacing XXXX with a valid requisition ID for the client being tested (a full valid list of merge fields for that client may also be seen in the left navigation on this page):


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