4.5.20 Release notes - 20 May 2015

Client Portal 4.5.20 release notes

Announcing Advorto Marketplace

A new online platform that will save you time and money in your recruiting, and help you hire better people faster.

We are adding an important new service to your Advorto system called Advorto Marketplace.

This allows you to access recruitment services directly from an extensive range of vendors in a secure, one-stop, online procurement platform.

When you use the Advorto system to recruit and onboard candidates you will be able to select additional services from best-of-breed specialists, including:

  • Psychometric testing – measure personality characteristics, aptitude and cognitive abilities.
  • Reference checking – employment references and criminal background.
  • Skills testing – including competency and professional skills tests.
  • Selection services – interviews, assessment centres and screening services.
  • Video interviews – saves time in the hiring process.


We have selected best-in-class vendors to launch Marketplace, many of whom are offering free trials of their products, including:

Skillsarena - Providing Online Skills Tests and tools to help you assess candidates in a simple, seamless and structured way

Sten 10 - Verbal, Numerical, Abstract Reasoning Tests for graduates to middle management level.

Tazio - Advanced online assessment and video interview platform.

The Needle - Providers of professional and easy to use video interviews.

uCheck - Choose uCheck if you’re looking for a fast, accurate and affordable CRB Checks and a detailed pre-employment screening service

New vendors and services will be added every week. For more information on all of the vendors in Marketplace, their services, and marketplace’s features please visit  


Why should I use Marketplace?

  • Wide range of Vendors and services – letting you find the right provision at right time during the recruitment process.
  • Fast and powerful searching – find the product you want in seconds not hours.
  • One-stop shopping – no more searching the web, comparing providers between sites, looking for reputable companies.
  • Approved procurement terms – ability to buy Approved Products where a single set of terms apply so you can simplify your procurement process and buy securely with confidence.
  • “Just in time” procurement – you can draw down the services you need when you need them during the recruitment process.
  • Volume discounts – we’ve negotiated volume discounts up to 60% for Marketplace users.
  • Off-the-shelf or bespoke services – buy pre-existing services or work with the Vendors to create a service to fit your requirements.
  • Automate existing agreements – fully automate transactions to save you time
  • Start now - everything is integrated into your existing Advorto software, there is no cost to use Marketplace – you just pay for the services you buy.


Ultimately Marketplace will save you time and money in your recruiting, and help you hire better people faster.

Simply look for the new   icon against your candidates to get started.

We would welcome any feedback or suggestions which you can provide at or by contacting your Advorto Account Manager.


Candidate experience

IMPORTANT ENANCEMENT: Improvement to candidate experience when an action is required
When an action is required, e.g. a candidate needs to take an online test, pick an interview slot or complete a top-up form, this is now displayed in an obvious message box at the top of the page as soon as they login, as well as after selecting a specific application.

This same message box also now appears at the top of the page after selecting an application as well, rather than messages further down the page, which was previously the case.

The heading of this message box may also be customised.

NEW FEATURE: Images may now be used in vacancy lists and on the vacancy details page
It is now possible to include images in the vacancy search results table and within the vacancy details page. This may be useful for clients who operate under multiple brands, allowing each vacancy to display an appropriate logo, based on the brand the vacancy falls under.

This same feature applies to other areas of the system where vacancy lists and vacancy details may be displayed, such as the agency portal and user portal.

Back office user interface

Single sign to Advorto Analytics from Backoffice for clients with custom URLs
Users with custom URLs will now be able to access Advorto Analytics via the Backoffice, provided their security group allows access to this. This is accessed from the reports sections of the Backoffice. Clicking the “Analytics” link from the Reports tile or from the Reports tab sub-navigation will automatically log the current user into Analytics.

New notification style available for use in Backoffice pop-ups
For many clients using “Process buttons” on Backoffice pop-up pages, the message which appears after a process has run successfully appears in a box with the same style as validation error messages.

This validation summary style is not ideal for positive success messages as the red background suggests an errors and in addition, where links are displayed, blue link text on a red background is not ideal.

These success messages may now be configured to be displayed in a box with a light green background, rather than a red background.

Fix to global search functionality on Assessment slots list page
The global search on this list page was not behaving as expected. This has been fixed and it will now search the following fields:

  • Slot name/venue
  • Interviewer (assigned to a slot)
  • Vacancy titles (assigned to slots)
  • IDs of vacancies (assigned to slots)

Fix to download of Custom reports in IE8
An issue specific to IE8 has been fixed.

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