Posting jobs to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook from the back office

Advorto offer a simple way of posting jobs (directly to the vacancy details page) to the following social media:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

In order to post the link please follow those simple steps:

1) Log in to the back office

2) Go to Vacancies tab

3) Locate the vacancy you'd like to post

4) Click Select this vacancy icon - usually a black arrow pointing to the top-left (hover over the icons to check you've got the right icon)

5) At the top of the page you will notice the basic information, one of the last options is Link

6) In order to post the job please select the right icon and log in to the provider with either your own or company log in details

7) You will still be able to amend the details before publishing the vacancy to the relevant social media


Can I publish the vacancy to any online media?

Yes, all you need to do is to copy the link and paste in the relevant field e.g. job board.


I cannot see the options mentioned above. What do I need to do do?

You may be in a security group without access to this area - please contact your HR team to allow you more access.

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