4.5.19 Release notes - 07 April 2015 (Advorto Analytics)

Client Portal 4.5.19 release notes - Analytics

Analytics – new and improved features

Manage access to sensitive data

It is now possible to mark data captured from candidates during or post-application as sensitive within the Advorto Recruitment Management System (RMS). Sensitive data will only be visible to Analytics users who have been granted access to view it. This is managed based on the user’s security group within the RMS.

Deleted vacancies now excluded by default

Deleted vacancies and candidates associated with deleted vacancies are no longer included in Analytics. This means reports no longer have to explicitly exclude deleted data, which will make use of the tool more intuitive for users.

New is blank/not blank filter option for date fields

Two new filters for date fields have been added that allow reports to be filtered for “blank” or “not blank” values. This allows reports to be created to show either only records which have no data for a field which has been detected by Analytics as a date field; or to show only records which do have data.

This filter may be used in conjunction with a date range filter on the same field.

e.g. For a report on all candidates with a start date last year, the start date field may be selected twice in two separate filters:

  • Start date is not blank
  • Start date is in Last year.

Date filtering and sorting now supports data with invalid dates

To improve reporting where data is filtered or sorted by a field including data in a date format, Analytics will now exclude any data with invalid dates when filtering/sorting. Previously, data would not be returned at all in this scenario.

A typical scenario where this is required is where a field was not originally set to enforce a date to be entered, but where the configuration was subsequently updated to enforce dates to improve reporting. It’s important to note that, although reports using filtering or sorting on dates will now work, this update means that these reports will exclude any records with invalid dates.

Clients who have a data in a single field which is a mix of valid and invalid dates need to be aware of this. Advorto recommend use of the new is/not blank date filter function to help identify and correct records with invalid dates to ensure that all data within the required reporting period may be reported on.

Deletion of reports now supported

It is now possible to delete reports – Select report > Delete (button at bottom). Note that only reports created by the logged in user can be deleted.

Rename report feature

Saved reports may now be renamed if required - Select report > Edit report > Report name (field at top of page).

Single sign on (SSO) from the Advorto RMS

Advorto backoffice users may now access Analytics directly from the Reports tile/navigation in the system, without being required to login to Analytics separately.

Note: For Analytics users with access to multiple clients or systems, the current logged in user and client will be selected within Analytics.

Ability to obtain the “data last updated” time stamp

There is now the ability to use the “data last updated” date and time information, which is displayed within Analytics in the top right in live-linked reports.

This means that the same date and time may be displayed in Excel reports driven from Analytics as required as well.

The required link for Excel may be copied by clicking or doing a right-click and copy shortcut from the date and time displayed in Analytics.

Improved stability when multiple browser tabs/windows are being used to manage reports

Previously, having multiple browser tabs/windows open with different reports would cause problems as Analytics would lose track of which report was in use. This sometimes resulted in users inadvertently overwriting one report with a different one. This update means that this is no longer possible.

Various security enhancements

A number of enhancements have been made to improve the security of Analytics. The most noticeable update for users is that users will automatically be logged out after 10 minutes of no activity. When this occurs, a session expiry message will be displayed, along with a link to return to the login page.

Status check

There is now a status check that allows for better visibility, from an Analytics operational point of view, of when there are issues around report data generation.

This is purely for Advorto use and has no impact on users. However, this is beneficial to clients as it will be used for automated notifications to the Advorto Support and Technical teams. This will ensure that issues of this nature may be investigated and rectified as soon as they occur, without requiring clients to report a problem first.

Bug fixes

Vacancy text fields with apostrophes will now work with Analytics

Analytics can now work with vacancy text titles that contain apostrophes. e.g. “Manager’s name”

Default raw data grouping

There was an issue where raw data reports were applying a default grouping incorrectly. In some scenarios, this resulted an incorrect number of results being returned in a report.

An example of this issue would have been a report on the locations of candidates, where there are only ten candidates and London and Manchester are the only two locations that the candidates have selected.

Previously, a report with only “location” selected would return two results as the location field was incorrectly used to group the report results.

This has now been corrected and the report will show ten results, even where there is no data at all for some candidates for the selected field (will show as blanks in the report).

The use of certain filters in Pivot reports would cause an error

There was an issue where the use of certain filters, specifically ‘State’ type filters, such as Folders, Vacancy Status, etc. would cause a report to return no results. This issue has now been resolved and all fields may be used as filters.

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