4.5.18 Release notes - 07 April 2015

Client Portal 4.5.18 release notes

Candidate experience

Improvement to behaviour of application form when no vacancy eligibility questions are set
In configurations where all vacancy eligibility (killer) questions are dynamic (e.g. driven by optional selections/fields on a vacancy), the application process did not work correctly where no questions were selected at all.

This release includes an update to support this scenario and the vacancy eligibility page will now be entirely skipped if the configuration of a vacancy results in no compulsory questions being displayed at all.

IE11 back button allowing candidate to return to vacancy eligibility
Candidates can no longer return to the vacancy eligibility page by clicking the back button in IE11 after failing. They were never able to pass eligibility when this happened but could change their responses potentially making it look as though they should not have failed.

Mandatory cascading drop down lists now validate correctly
Previously marking this field type as a required field on a form page did not work as expected. Furthermore this field type used to allow multiple selections by selecting one of the “top level” items, without selecting further levels below that.

The multiple selection functionality has been removed and the field validation has been updated to ensure that all levels are always selected.

User portal

NEW FEATURE: Multiple candidate lists in User portal
It is now possible to add multiple candidate lists with different columns, folders to be filtered by etc.

Where multiple lists are configured, one is set as the default, which is used on the dashboard page.

The different lists appear as options within the Candidates section of the main User portal navigation.

This is a fantastic new feature for users of the User or Hiring Manager portal, allowing the data and actions visible to users to vary, based on the option selected.

e.g. You may have the following options within the Candidates navigation:

  • Screening – candidate list displays a column for screening outcome/rating and a link to open a screening form
  • Interviews – candidate list displays interview times and dates and a link to open an interview feedback form
  • Offers – candidate list displays start data and/or checks status and a link to open an offer or vetting form

NEW FEATURE: Candidate lists now able to display data from a candidate’s application and any data captured post-application
Previously, the candidate list in the User portal supported only a limited number of standard fields, such as Name, Status, Vacancy.

It is now possible to configure the same candidate application and post-application data that is available to users within the Backoffice to be visible to users of the User portal.

Vacancy closed text on “Add candidate” page
When adding a candidate to a closed vacancy via either the Backoffice or the User portal, a warning will now be displayed advising the user that the vacancy is closed. Users may still add candidates to closed vacancies, but this will help avoid users adding candidates to the wrong vacancy by mistake.

The text displayed is configurable and may be amended if required.

Agency portal

NEW FEATURE: Prevent creation of duplicate agents

When registering with an email address already being used by another agent an error message is now shown.

It is no longer possible for super agents to create agents with an email address that is already in use by another agent or to change the email address of an existing agent to that of another agent who already exists. A warning message will be displayed if this is attempted.

It is no longer possible for Backoffice users with access to the Agencies tab to create duplicate agents or to change the email address of an existing agent to that of another agent who already exists. A warning message is displayed with a useful link to allow the existing agent to be amended as required.

Back office user interface

IMPORTANT ENHANCEMENT: Improvement to performance of lists, e.g. Candidates list, Vacancies list, etc.

As well as some general performance improvements to make these key areas of the system faster, the list pages now support loading different items concurrently. Examples of the implications of this change include:

  • The duplicate spotter loading will no longer prevent a search or sort operation from happening
  • Users no longer need to wait for folder counts to be displayed before switching folders, sorting/searching or opening a pop-up, such as the audit trail or a screening form

This is expected to have a very positive impact on user experience.

NEW FEATURE: Single sign to Advorto Analytics from Backoffice
Users with access to Advorto Analytics within their security group will now be able to access this from the reports sections of the Backoffice. Clicking the “Analytics” link from the Reports tile or from the Reports tab sub-navigation will now automatically log the current user into Analytics.

NEW FEATURE: User default rows per list

It is possible to change the number of rows displayed on all the list pages. The selected number will now be saved when a user logs out, so when they return lists will show the same number of rows as the last time the page was visited.

This functionality has been added to replace the deprecated “User default candidate/vacancy rows” functionality and now applies all list pages apart from agents and agencies. Each list may store a different default row count up to the maximum of 100.

NEW FEATURE: Save default vacancy status on list page
The vacancy status or vacancy workflow status selected on the left on the vacancy list are now saved and will be set automatically when revisiting the page, so users will always see the same status that they were last looking at, even when logging out and logging in again on a different day.

NEW FEATURE: Access to user management from the Backoffice
Users are currently managed in the User portal. A “Manager users” link is now shown in the “Your system” section of the Setup page navigation for super users which allows direct access to this from the Backoffice with single sign on to the User portal.

The deprecated “Add new user” button and “Edit user” icon visible in the Backoffice user list within the Global system setup section have been removed. Instead, a new “View” icon is displayed, allowing a quick preview of a selected user’s basic set-up to be viewed.

Improvements to transfer to vacancy page

The transfer to vacancy page has been updated to work in the same way as other list pages. This makes the page consistent in behaviour with other areas of the system and also will make the first load significantly faster than it previously was.

Don’t show “To” field on journal popup when adding journal entries in bulk
The journal entry form incorrectly showed the “To” field when adding a journal entry using the bulk actions menu on the candidate list page. This has been rectified.

Update to some icons
Three icons that could be configured to show for actions and processes were inconsistent with the style of all the other icons. These have been updated to be in the same style as all the other icons.

Advorto Analytics

NEW FEATURE: Manage access to sensitive data

It is now possible to mark data captured from candidates during or post-application as sensitive. In addition, it is now possible to configure user security groups to either allow or disallow access to view sensitive data. This means that only authorised users may view sensitive data in Advorto Analytics.

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