Talent bank module - overview

Talent bank module is fully configurable Advorto standard module that allows Advorto back office users to create profile of potentially good candidates.


Talent bank could be configured two ways:

1) Profile activated by both parties (user and candidate)
2) User activated profile (without getting candidate involved)

Option 1 is available by default where both parties are involved. Candidates will be classified against the following vacancy driven classifiers (fully configurable) e.g.:

  • Region
  • Division
  • Location

Users will able to search across the entire population from the back office and limit the search on the above classifiers.


How do I talent bank candidates?

This can vary from one system to another, however the most common option is a link that only appears when "Regret (Talent Bank)" option is selected in the decision's drop down. This option is usually available at each screening/interviewing stage. Please click the link that comes up on the form and follow instructions on the screen.

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