Advorto offers a simple functionality of chasing people via either a pre-defined process or with an ad hoc email template (and folder move if required).

If your system is set-up with either a process of a folder with an associated email template you can run that when the candidate is in the right folder (and stage).

As this functionality can vary from one system to another there is no unified way of chasing candidates.


Few common examples include:

1) Pre-defined processes - if you system is set-up with the processes that send the communication (and move to the folder) please go to the right stage and run the process against the candidate(s). There is usually a time frame configured to chase candidates after a certain number of days.

Please note: email templates cannot be edited when sent as part of the process

2) Ad hoc chasing - if your system has the flexibility of chasing candidates at various stages you should have certain folders set-up with associated chaser emails. To send a chaser email and move to folder please use Email and move to folder function available in the bulk menu. You can edit email template before sending. 

3) Chasing unsubmitted candidates - more on unsubmitted candidates can be found here:


If none of the above exist in your back office please contact your account manager for further discussion.

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