Global templates

What are the global templates?

Global templates are templates set-up by Advorto on your behalf which are visible to every user in the back office (with the relevant access).

Global templates can be used in processes (sent automatically) or when emailing candidate(s) manually.

Currently Advorto manages the initial addition of global templates, however once added, it is possible to configure the template to allow Super Users to amend the content (Subject, Body and Attachments only). 

If you wish to edit one of your global templates please see this article:

How do I edit global email or SMS templates?

If you wish set-up a new template or are a Super User and an existing global template is not available for you to edit, please submit your request via the Support link in the Backoffice.

If you wish to set-up your own personal templates please see this article:

Personal templates

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