Bulk screening or reviewing candidates

If this option is configured on your system you might be able to screen multiple candidates at the same time.

In order to screen multiple candidates please follow those steps:

1) Log in to the back office

2) Go to Candidates tab

3) Select the candidates you wish to screen/review - use tick boxes against the names on the left

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you are in the right folder

4) Once at least 1 candidate is selected a green box will appear at the bottom of the page - open the bulk menu

5) Select the right form e.g. Screening/Interview/Next steps (can be named differently and depends on the setup of your system)

6) Click on the grey arrows icon to open a pop-up

7) Depending on the number of candidates the page might take few seconds to load

8) Once the page is displaying the details you can start screening/reviewing each form

9) Scroll to the bottom where the new buttons now appear:

  • Next
  • Previous
  • Skip to next (used to skip between candidates, does not validate the form in case some fields are mandatory)

10) Use the buttons to navigate between the candidates and conduct your screening/reviewing as normal recording outcomes and comments (if applicable)

11) Once done please click Save and Close to complete the action


I cannot see the options mentioned above. What do I need to do do?

You may be in a security group without access to this area - please contact your HR team to allow you more access.


Can I bulk screen/review in the Hiring Manager/Recruitment portal?

Unfortunately this functionality is only available in the back office.


I cannot locate the right form in the drop down but I can see it on the data grid. What do I need to do?

This functionality is configurable therefore it is possible that the form is not enabled for bulk actions. Please submit a request via Zendesk help centre for this to be changed.


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