CAPP SST (Situational Strengths Test) - General information

The Situational Strengths Test is a powerful online sifting and selection tool, for fast, accurate and efficient high volume candidate assessment.


Advorto offers a full seamless integration with the test provider. The integration can be configured in a number of ways, including:

1) Manual - candidates are invited to complete the test but upon completion no communication is sent and no folder move takes place. Cut off score is not defined.

2) Semi-automated - folder moves can happen and some communication might be sent but no cut off score is used.

3) Fully automated - the system will use a pre-defined cut off score and move candidates to the right folder, depending on the score. All communication will be sent automatically.


Depending on the system a combination of all/some options can be configured. For the current configuration set-up please contact your account manager.


CAPP home page:


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