Updating vacancy title

You can update vacancy title in the back office. If the system is configured to show this title (sometimes it might a combination of classifiers instead) this will then update in all the subsequent places e.g.

  • Careers portal
  • Back office pages e.g. Telephone interview or other pages
  • Communication emails (historical communication will not be changed)

In order to amend the title please follow those steps:

1) Log in to the back office
2) Go to Vacancies tab
3) Find the vacancy in question
3) Click on the Edit this vacancy icon on the right
4) Change the text in Vacancy title field
5) Click Save to close the page  

IMPORTANT: The change might take 30min to update in certain areas

I cannot some of the options described above. What do I do?

This might be due to your security level - please contact your HR department to allow you more access.


Can I update vacancy title for multiple vacancies at the same time?

Unfortunately this is not a current functionality of the system.


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