Manually adding/submitting/uploading candidates to a vacancy in the back office

It is possible to manually submit the candidate to a vacancy directly in the back office.

Please note: You may also add candidates to closed vacancies, but a warning will be displayed, in case you have inadvertently selected the wrong vacancy.

In order to add a candidate to a vacancy please follow those steps:

  1. Log in to the back office
  2. Go to Vacancies tab
  3. You must have a specific folder selected i.e. Open (or alternative) in the folder bar on the left. The icon will not be available when All is selected
  4. Locate the vacancy in question
  5. Click the Add candidate icon (usually a "plus" icon) available on the right, under Actions column
  6. A pop-up will open allowing you to either search for an existing registration (in case the person with that email address already made an application) or add a new registration (follow instructions on this page)
  7. The only mandatory page you'll be required to fill is the killer questions page (if used) - please answer the questions and click Next
  8. The rest of the form is non-mandatory so you can either fill in the application form or skip to Summary page (via the navigation either on the left/right)
  9. If you have not filled in the whole form you will notice that some (or all) sections will be flagged as Incomplete - do not worry you can submit the form as you are using the back office and can override this
  10. On the Summary page please Submit the form
  11. Close the page and check your candidate is in the right folder

IMPORTANT: This function submits the candidate as though they had submitted themselves and will send them the usual acknowledgement email, along with any of the other usual automated steps which are run on candidate submission.

If, for any reason, you do not want the new candidate to receive any comms, there are two choices:

  • Manual solution - stop the email from being sent. Please find the candidate and Stop the communication from going via the audit trail.

  • Automated solution - raise a CR with Advorto Support to request configuration to be added to your system to allow you to disable some or all of the standard submission process as part of adding the candidate. e.g. This may involve a new "Disable acknowledgement email" checkbox field, only visible to system users, being added to the vacancy eligibility page, which when checked will ensure that the submission process does not send the email.

If unsure please speak to your HR team before you action anything.


Some of the options are not available for me. What do I need to do?

Your security group is limited and you may not have the right level of access. Please speak to the HR team to allow you more access.


Can I submit the candidate without a valid email address?

Yes, you can create a "fake" address, for example if the candidate name is Joe Bloggs you can register the person under a fake email address: IMPORTANT: if the address is not known you will not be able to send any communications from the back office. The email address can be updated with a real one at a later stage. If you are submitting the candidate with a fake email address you do not need to worry about stopping the email as it will not be received. 


I am unable to stop the email. What do I need to do?

It appears that you have no access to stop the emails. Please speak to your HR team before you attempt to submit the candidate. This is due to a fact that emails will either be sent immediately or with a small delay. If you are submitting the candidate with a fake email address you do not need to worry about stopping the email as it will not be received.


Can I submit 2 candidates with the same email address to the same vacancy?

Unfortunately this is not possible. If there is an existing application (please use search mechanism when starting the candidate submission to confirm) you wish to delete, please locate the candidate and go through the deletion process.

See Deleting candidate's application


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