Agent unable to log in to the portal

There could be a few reasons why agents cannot log in.

Agent logging in to the wrong portal

Please confirm the URL, this should always end with .../Agency/login.aspx

Sometimes agencies try to submit the application via the main careers site.

Agent is unable to log in

Please confirm:

  • They are set-up in the back office (under the Agency tab)
  • They belong to the right agency
  • Login credentials are correct, especially no characters or extra spaces are saved in their email address

If the above is confirmed and appears to be working please reset their password and attempt to log in yourself. It that works please forward the exact details to the agent and ask them to try.

Agent is unable to access the portal

It is possible that the agency might have some filtering/blocking software installed on their machines. Please verify you can access the portal and if that is the case please advise them to contact their IT help desk to look into the issue.

If you cannot access the portal yourself please feel free to report the problem via the Zendesk help centre portal and submit the ticket.


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