Change requests - process overview

In order to requests a change that requires an overnight deployment, each client is required to submit a change request form.

In order to request a change to your system please follow those steps.

To submit the request:

  1. Review the scope of the change to your system
  2. Download the CR form - Click here to access the form
  3. Provide as much information as possible - if unsure please type in N/A in some cases
  4. Submit the form via Zendesk help centre - please use Submit your request link at the top of the page
  5. Once the form is submitted you will receive an acknowledgement email

IMPORTANT: In order to avoid delays please only use this service as sending forms manually to the support team or your account manager might occasionally cause small delays.

Once the form has been submitted:

  • The Support team will review the requirements and might contact you to clarify some points
  • Once the requirements have been agreed the team will fill in the "Advorto system configuration changes (ADVORTO ONLY)" section and return the form for your final sign-off. This section will include the list of changes required to your system.
  • Once the form has been signed off either configuration or projects team will commence the work
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