Amending or updating candidate application form (answers)

Once submitted, candidates are not allowed to update their application except for contact details (via their dashboard). However, with the exception of application forms for Agency candidates, Recruiters are able to amend any application form or top-up form responses when required. For Agency candidates, only Vacancy eligibility responses and top-up form responses may be edited.

How do I amend a candidate's responses?

In order to amend the details, please follow those steps:


  1. Log in to the Backoffice
  2. Go to Candidates tab and locate the candidate in question
  3. Click the View action (usually a pencil icon in the Actions column or may be also an option in the Bulk actions menu)
  4. You will see various tabs at the top of the pop-up page
  5. Click the Edit tab
  6. At the bottom of the Edit page you will see few links
  7. Click the relevant link to edit the relevant area of the candidate's application form - this will log you in as the candidate, but allow access to amend responses
  8. If editing responses on pages after the eligibility pages, you can navigate to the page you wish to update - use the form navigation to move between pages
  9. When the update is complete, click Save at the bottom of the page
  10. When the page is saved please close the window. The answers will update on the system.
  11. IMPORTANT: In order to see the changes on the printable view, you may need to just open the View page again and re-save by clicking Save and Close button at the bottom. This will force the system to re-generate the print view with the latest data.


I cannot see the View icon on my data grid. Why is that?

This might be due to your security group access. Usually only recruiters will have access to amend candidate's details. Please contact your HR team to upgrade your level of access within Advorto back office or to perform the changes on your behalf.

I can see the View page but cannot see Edit page. Why is that?

The functionality has not been turned on your system. Please contact your local Super User, or if you are a Super User, contact your Advorto account manager to discuss the options.

I can see the View and Edit pages but cannot see the link. Why is that?

The functionality has many configuration options and it is possible that link is not enabled. Please submit a Support ticket to request that these links be enabled.

What about agency candidates?

It is not currently possible to amend application form responses for agency candidates. It may be possible to update some data (usually contact information only) via the Backoffice Edit Person page. Instead, you should delete the application and request that the agency submits the candidate again with the correct information.


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